State of Malambia for Cannes Festival


RENOWNED filmmaker Marc Mandisoul (pictured) has expressed satisfaction over the invitation to screen his State of Malambia film at the 17th edition of the annual Cannes Festival from May 14 to 25.

The festival in France, previews new films of all genres, including documentaries from all around the world.

“Our film has been selected for screening at Festival de Cannes, which is the biggest film festival in the world, Cannes, not just for African films, but Hollywood bigwigs and it’s not the same as the one with Cook Off, but this one is just for African movies and I am really excited since I will get to meet the biggest directors in the world and network with them, and attend the funding meetings with top Hollywood Studios,” he said.

“Because I want to film United States of Malambia, I’m able to workshop the concept and get proper funding of millions for the project. This festival selects movies for screening and the big ones not many African film makers get in so it’s a big chance for me to reach the climax,” he said.

Mandisoul said screening films at this festival will enable local filmmakers to get global results and also a chance to market movies.

“This platform is not like all the others, the respect you get for getting into this particular one means the global film world takes you seriously, this is the alpha and omega of festivals and not like all others people may have attended. I don’t know how others manage their brands or products, but State of Malambia as my first feature film I will push hard to get global results,” he said.

“Renowned film makers like Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorcese and huge studios like DreamWorks, Universal, Paramount pictures, Marvel Studios etc, are at this festival and film market.”

He said festivals are the perfect place to network and strike collaboration deals and he believes that if a person has creative concepts and ideas and great action plan then it will help in getting a positive response.

“I believe my ideas and film are very much outside the box and will attract greater attention across the globe, than any other local film based on the fact that my story is universal,” he said.

Marc Mandisoul produced Club E TV Show, Entertainment Africa TV, which broadcast on ZbcTV and Kwese TV.

A former broadcaster on ZiFM and Power FM, he has produced videos for Roki’s Chidzoka song which won Zima and Bum Bum for Buffalo Souljah, the first Zimbabwean video to be played on MTV Base and playlisted on Channel O and which led him to win the Award that year for Best New Artiste. He is also working on his new project House of Stone which is expected to hit the screens soon.

Zimbabwean filmmakers have been shining on International platforms with another filmmaker Joe Njagu set to screen his film Cook Off at this year’s 16th edition of the Festival International du Film PanAfricain at Cannes in France. The festival is scheduled to run from April 17 to 24.

Njagu recently told this publication that when they produced the film, he never thought it would make such an impact, extending to the international market.

The local film industry has been facing various challenges, chief among them, being foreign currency shortage and piracy that has crippled the sector for some time now. But some film makers have been making films with the hope that one day they will get an opportunity to meet to premier their movies at world stage.

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