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Sharon Mtetwa: A born writer



YOUNG local author Sharon Nyasha Mtetwa (pictured) has published her debut literary offering — Who is to Blame? — inspired by her life experiences.

A holder of a Political Science degree and a Masters degree in International Relations from the University of Zimbabwe, Mtetwa told NewsDay Weekender Life & Style that she believed she was born a writer.

“Writing was an inborn thing which was suppressed. However, it developed more as I grew. I got relatively normal marks in primary and secondary school English compositions, but when I started doing literature, I excelled,” she recalled.

“I first wrote the book as an article in 2016 and submitted it to a local newspaper, but unfortunately, it did not qualify to be in the paper and as time went on, I felt I had to develop it into something bigger, so that’s how it became my first book.”

Mtetwa said she was driven by the desire to share her painful life experiences and show that it was unhelpful to judge other people because of what they went through in life.

Mtetwa said she believed she was on her way to becoming a well-known author and motivational speaker.

She said in the book she dealt extensively with the subject of how a negative upbringing could have far-reaching repercussions in the life of a young person.

“It speaks about youths that have sad endings because of the negatives in their upbringing. The main thrust of it is letting go of the blame game and encourage co-operation on the part of the independent and dependent figure so that best results are realised,” she said.

“The book also encourages people to quickly snap out of minor and major setbacks while keeping their eyes on the prize.”

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