Rapper tops HSTV charts

Tatenda Gumbo
Tatenda Gumbo


UPCOMMING rapper Tatenda Gumbo, who is also known as Dash, is among some of the top contenders in Heart & Soul radio’s Unsigned Top 20 charts which has been running over the past three weeks.

Gumbo told NewsDay Life & Style that he was happy with the response to the track Summertime Gangster and the other songs on his Extended Play (EP).

“Ever since we launched the EP, the track Summertime Gangster has been in the top 5 in the Unsigned charts at Heart & Soul radio station. It has also been played at the Unsigned Hype for the past three weeks and the feedback we are getting is great,” he said.

“I am happy that people love my style and I am ready to fill the gap with a fusion of street hip-hop with a deeper meaning through the use of Shona metaphors.”

Gumbo said the air play would help boost his career as it would get him known and promised to start dropping videos before end of this month.

“This has got us a spot to perform every Saturday at the Red Café, and we have a big show this Easter to promote my music outside Harare. We have also picked a few tracks from the EP, which we are going to do videos for,” he said.

The 22-year-old artiste has released a six-track EP, with four collaborations featuring Karmar, Clyde Banks and Fucci and Dexter.

Gumbo said he started singing to communicate with the people as well as in order “be the voice of the streets”.

The former Harare junior councillor for Glen Norah said he also did an acting stint in high school.

“I did all this to represent the people and did interact with them back then and now I do that through singing,” he said.