People speak: ‘Teachers must know 3 indigenous languages’

Pupils at Samaringa Primary School in Mutasa Central writing mid-year examinations sitting on the floor after the school’s furniture was attached and taken away by the messenger of court on Friday

THE Primary and Secondary Education ministry has said primary school teachers must be conversant in at least three indigenous languages by the time they finish their training for them to be employable.

We asked NewsDay Zimbabwe Facebook followers what they thought of this directive and this is some had to say.


  1. i dont agree with the person who said shonaz are given more prioty than any other tribe , don’t you know that shona people are more than any other tribes in zimbabwe , so because of that it seems as if they being favoured in this country which is not , especially you the MTWAKAZI you are not here in Harare we lots of Ndebeles at our working place and most of them they have high ranks than the shonas but there is no complain and we work very well no complains no what , the truth is just be educated and you see what will happen

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