Mwonzora hints at contesting Chamisa


MDC secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora has dismissed claims that he is settling for the deputy presidency at the party’s forthcoming congress in May, the latest hint that he is preparing to challenge Nelson Chamisa for the leadership of the party.

The two have previously locked horns in 2014, with Mwonzora soundly beating Chamisa for the secretary-general position that year.

In an interview yesterday, Mwonzora said he would not be swayed from contesting any position, but maintained that he would, however, make the announcement at an appropriate time.

“What is being circulated is false,” he said.

“When the right time comes, the people shall know which post I am contesting at congress. There are so many stories being manufactured by people. I am very clear that the MDC is a democratic party, where people chose their leaders.”

Mwonzora said no position would be ring-fenced, including the presidency.

The MDC secretary-general claimed some unknown persons placed suspicious liquid, believed to be juju, in his parliamentary pigeon hole on Tuesday, stroking fears of witchcraft ahead of the party’s elective congress in May.

Mwonzora said he reported the matter to security at Parliament, but was unfazed by the incident.

“I went to Parliament and I then decided to check my mail at the pigeon hole and there were two police officers in that room,” Mwonzora said.

“As I approached my pigeon hole, I discovered that there was a plastic bottle with a strange-looking liquid and it was half full. I asked the police officers about it and they didn’t know who had put it there.

“I then alerted the Parliament security, but I don’t know what they did with it. I didn’t touch it.”

Mwonzora said he does not feel threatened.

“Whoever put it there either intended to threaten me with these superstitions, but it is strange that some people will find time to put that into my pigeon hole. I don’t know what the liquid is,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from Clerk of Parliament Kennedy Chokuda were not successful as his mobile went unanswered, while those in the security department said they are not authorised to speak to the Press.

However, MDC deputy president Elias Mudzuri and leader of the opposition in Senate said such acts were unfortunate and must be condemned.

“I haven’t heard anything concerning that, but if he saw something suspicious, I hope he will get assistance to remove that. I hope there is no witch-hunting at Parliament. As parliamentarians, we are honourable members and we must not start looking for witchcraft. It is not proper, why should it happen?” he said.

“If it happened, then it is unfortunate that we are stooping so low and we are fighting over useless things. We must be honourable members and that requires certain behaviour.

“This incident is unfortunate and if someone is doing that, they are not serious. We will end up concentrating on suspicion and unknown fears. If there are people doing that, they must stop it. It is not good.”

The party’s organising secretary Amos Chibaya refused to comment on the matter.

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  1. Rituals have become the order of the day in the crisis-ridden MDC party. Chamisa was recently in Ghana where he reportedly underwent rituals for political success. Is this a result of the Ghana visit ?

  2. Honestly Newsday you could have done better by not trying to bring the witch-craft at Parliament to the congress, how would witch-craft be administered there and not at his party office if it had links to the party?

  3. MDC Alliance will regret if they dont act early on this Mwonzora guy. You can tell from his tone that he is up to something. Watch the space!

  4. What else would you expect when you are giving your boss headache You are the reason of that visit to Ghana

  5. It could be Zanu (PF), MDC, CIO or anyone for that matter, trying to stoke up the tensions and create the narrative that there is infighting in MDC. From the comments it seems to work effectively, for the simple minded.

    1. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,kkkkkkkkk,kkkkkkkk, Zanu PF, kkkkkkkkkkk, I reserve my comment. The earlier you realize that there are challenges to be sorted out in MDC the better and try to solve them , stop this ZANUPHOBIC thing. You have a party to support and you need to start looking into your own problems and start sorting them out otherwise you will lose focus by thinking that every challenge MDC has is because ZANU has done this and that.

  6. Let dictators be dictators and democrats be democrats, Nero and team don’t be both

    If Mwonzora wants to challenge Nero let it be that’s his democratic right. Why is it Nero is afraid of being challenged. he may pretend to denouncing the hooligans we are standing up for him but we all known its just that’s his people. They stood for him when he took over after RMT’s death now they are at it again. I hope these hooligans have a right to vote at congress otherwise another humiliation in dawning soon.

    If the media or anyone writes whatevre they like about this fight let it be that democracy, freedom of expression, etc.

    As Zimbabweans we have suffered for a long time, Zanu may have been in charge but others have been throwing spikes. I remember the late Morgan Tsvangira achiti mukutambura muchatambura akati makey ndamakanda mumvura, and sure kutambura hakuna kupera however Morgan came to his senses and worked with Mugabe and Zimbabweans naged to buy houses, build houses, etc.

    Now we have Nero who promised kudira jecha and tanzwa futi nenhamo and from the look of thing it seems he won’t budge like Morgan did so akaramba ariko ku MDC tichatamburisa.

    For if it takes Mwonzora remove Nero from the helm of the main opposition then let it be becoz we want progress and leave a legacy for our kids.

    Samora Machel chased away the Portuguese becoz he didn’t want to accommodate them, the nation suffered and he was eliminated. Mugabe reconciled with the British and Zim was better for some years until they became enemies, Morgan worked with Mugabe and Zim blossomed for a bit and Nero l hope you are not walking along Samora’s path.

    As for me l don’t care who is in charge of Zim all l want is a good life and a future for my kids.

    Apa Zanu ikamupotsa nero haichazomuwani futi this is a very clean chance to get rid of him by making sure that Mwonzora challenges him and win.

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