MDC puts caveat for sanctions removal


THE Nelson Chamisa-led opposition MDC has admitted that Western economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe were hurting ordinary people, but would only campaign for their removal once President Emmerson Mnangagwa has implemented the required reforms.

Party secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora (pictured), who is tipped to challenge Chamisa for the presidency at the party’s forthcoming elective congress in May, disclosed in a recent social media debate that he too, was keen on having the sanctions removed urgently.

“Denouncing sanctions does not lead to their removal; what leads to the removal of sanctions is for Zanu PF to do those things that the people who imposed sanctions said they should do. They must stop those things that they were told to stop. They must stop killing their own people; they must stop shooting unarmed civilians using live ammunition,” he said.

Mnangagwa has upped the campaign for the lifting of the travel and trade embargoes, saying they were inhibiting his government’s efforts to implement its economic turnaround strategies.

But Mwonzora insisted that sanctions would only be lifted after government stopped human rights violations.

“I do agree the sanctions are hurting the ordinary person and as MDC we are ready to play our part to make sure that these sanctions, together with the brutality that brought the sanctions into place in the first place, are removed,” Mwonzora said.

The MDC and Zanu PF have accused each other of inviting the sanctions on Zimbabwe.

“Sanctions are never a good thing for any country. They inevitably affect the poor and the down-trodden. They also hurt the government. But who was responsible for these sanctions? The people who are responsible for these sanctions are people who killed Zimbabweans in cold blood in 2008. It is the people who detained without trial Zimbabwean citizens; it is the people who threw away the rule of law; it is the people who abandoned constitutionalism, so they have to right their wrongs so that the people of Zimbabwe live in peace and prosperity,” Mwonzora said.

“We are for the engagement of Zimbabwe into the international community, but all of us have a role to play first, but principally, Zanu PF has a big role to play. They must stop human rights abuses, shooting of civilians by government must stop; harassment of civilians by the State must stop.”


  1. Farai Johnson Nhire

    After all Chamisa is doing well to do what he is said to be doing against Doglous Mwonzora in their race for Mdc Aliance Presidency. I had never realised Mwonzora could be as dull as he sounds now. America imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe in 2001 for crimes that were yet to be committed 7 years later, that is in 2008! There is Mwonzora for us! Chamisa will do well to retain his position in the opposition after all. Opposition leaders are potential Zimbabwean leaders and I can’t imagine our nation being led by such a puppet. You want to lead zimbabwe and condone those lawles deeds practiced by those western bullies against the dictates of international law, realy Mr Mwonzora? Where in the united nations rules governing internation relations does America derive the mandate to impose unilateral sanctions against an idependent member of the united nations? This just goes on to highlight how seriously our zimbabwean opposion is running short of level headed leadership.

  2. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

    I think mdca must first stop thinking that they shall continue fooling people all the time. Bit by bit people are realizing that their suffering is coming straight from the people who are pretending to be their messiahs on the sufferings they brought to this nation. It is clear that if there was no mdc there was not going to be sanctions. Its high time every one in politics must think of the people of this country before his or her interests. This blame game of throwing everything bad to ZANU PF shall cease to please even those following blindly. Chisi hachiyeri musi wacharimwa. Chamuri kudyara chichamera chete.

  3. Monzwora please take note that it is on record that deleterious, satanic, spiteful, ruinous,punitive economic sanctions imposed on our Motherland at your MDC-Alliance’s instigation and specially requested the USA, UK, EU, AUSTRALIA, NEW Zealand, and Canada effective February, 2002.Do not try to hide your party’s complicity in the imposition of these heinous economic sanctions which your unpopular party tries to play them down describing them as ‘targeted’ and ‘selective’, yet, facts on the ground shows that these economic embargoes infringes on our basic human rights!
    So, if Zanu P.F. is infringing on our human rights; they are completely wrong lets agree. However,Mr Mwonzora with due respect, can we burn the entire home because of a rat in one of the rooms?
    Surely, your argument is so weak and foolish that your without any doubt is a grouping of ‘WITCHES’ VA’ROYI’, if, not a grouping of’ZVIMBWASUNGATA”!
    In any case, the USA, UK, OR the EU for that matter are not the best benchmark of humans rights observance and good governments…..
    The abuses of human rights by the Zanu P.F. government if, any, must not be condoned whatsoever. However, your MDC-A party is also complicity in human rights violations whenever, it organizes the so-called democratic demonstrations and marches. In these demonstrations non-participants are abused, lose property, lives, raped and are denied free movement.
    If, ever in the unlikely event that your Mdc-Alliance get into power citizens are likely to suffer more due to propensity of intolerance embedded in your opposition party.
    May answer the following; In the event that Zanu P.F. has lost power through an election, and, go on to refuse to accept defeat and subsequently makes shrill noisy allegations ranging from rigging, human rights abuses, etc. Is it going to be fair for you and your future government, if, they invite economic sanctions to be imposed on our Motherland?
    Alternatively, are all countries bogged down by their democracies to the extend that their economies are the casualty?
    Why is it that our behaviours are not commensurate with our acclaimed highest rate of literacy? May be literacy refers to the ability to read and write; but lacking the capacity to discern complex issues.
    What about those people who apolitical; who represents their rights? This group is the most vulnerable at the mercy of MDC-Alliance and its eternal enemy Zanu P.F.

    Curiously ennoff, your party MDC-Alliance is in government and largely running the affairs of our local Authorities; don’t think these satanic economic sanctions are also working against the intimate interests of your constituency?
    If, one day your gang is going to sober up you will realize that these satanic economic embargoes are going to haunt the future generations.
    I stick to my arguments for ever and ever…..

  4. Douggie shamwari get your facts right b4 u sound like one of them. it was like ndanga ndakateerera matemadanda achitaura. ZANU PF is failing to manage the economy of this country. izvozvo zvega ndozvaunza untold suffering of the people of this country and not zvima sanctions zvavari kuchema nazvo izvo. during the inclusive arrangement sanctions were there but ini pano I managed to buy 3 cars, a benz, an Isuzu and a prado. vamwewo have very good and wonderful success stories too. come the end of the inclusive government things start to be tough for us ordinary citizens to the extent yekutadza kuisa 20litres mutank rekamarch kangu kamwe chete pagore. haasi masanctions aya Douggie. ZANU iri kuwashandisa to justify their failure to turn things around. ngavagare pasi vaite an honest SWOT analysis and see where they lost the momentum gained during the inclusive government. vasiyane nezvekuti inclusive arrangement aina kushanda. tinozviziva kuti zvinovanyadzisa coz we have it as a strong yard stick to measure them against. takakutarisa zvedu Douggie tiri kukuona. uchenjerere kuzotijoina kumaterraces kwetinodaira maslogans nekuridza mhururu nemiridzo zvedu vakuru vachitaura zvavo.

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