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Mandizvidza’s new cutting-edge HR text


Cover of the book Digital Labour Markets & Jobs for the Future


Title: Digital Labour Markets and Jobs for the Future
Author: Fredrick Mandizvidza
Publisher: Royalty Books (2019)

HUMAN Resources practice all over the world is evolving to fit in with the 21st century technological developments. Countries that fail to catch up with this technological sweep in the manner they handle human resources and related developments will be rendered moribund.

This appears to be Fredrick Mandizvidza’s core argument in his debut offering, Digital Labour Markets and Jobs for the Future (For 21st Century HR Practitioners). The author, who is also a futuristic motivational speaker and coach, contends that technology redefines the manner in which we do everything; it is critical for human resources practitioners to catch up and derive benefits from the new trajectory.

While the replacement of human workers by machines, which is one of the key components of technological advancement, has largely been viewed as a threat, Mandizvidza argues that it should, instead, be considered as a blessing in disguise.

The idea, according to his proposal, is for human resources practice to be re-modelled along the new developments, so that workers abreast with such technologies would still have jobs.

This is a timely book for Zimbabwe, where catching up with galloping technological advancement has often been slow. The book will shock into action those that would rather be lethargic, or who take their time to turn the corner when it comes to new models and methods of doing business.

In 17 chapters, Mandizvidza deals with a wide range of subjects related to the digitalisation of human resources. These include digital revolution, the transforming human resources landscape, war for digital talent, recruitment in the digital era, candidate selection processes, talent retention, digital skills and smart cities.

Mandizvidza, a multiple-award-winning business executive in both the private and public sectors, has spent a significant part of his working life imparting knowledge as a teacher, college lecturer, speaker, consultant and coach for people from cross-cultural and professional backgrounds.

He has solid managerial expertise in biomedical research and development, with a special focus on drug discovery, development and deployment for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

He has been involved in driving translational research, leading to commercialisation of biomedical research results.

As a certified wealth creation coach and an International Labour Organisation (ILO) certified consultant for the premium Expand Your Business (EYB) programme, he brings a wealth of knowledge and information beneficial to human resources practitioners keen to make a difference.

Mandizvidza has worked with several international corporates as well as the United Nations Development Programme, SNV Netherlands and MS Demark, among others.

He is the author of four best-selling books, three of them in emerging technologies, covering the cyber-physical system and digital era talent pipe-line development. A savvy blogger and conversational leader in emerging technologies, Mandizvidza offers fresh perspectives and deep insights into global next generation business and industry leadership.

His interest in, and deep knowledge of emerging technologies has seen him undertaking pioneering work in Africa’s human capital development for Industry 4.0 and digital transformation with 21st century leadership in mind.

Fredrick holds a licentiate degree in education – biological ccience, a bachelor of business administration (BBA) and a master of business administration (MBA) in strategic management.

He is a distinguished Fellow of Cambridge Global Learning, a certified international professional strategist and a certified international professional leader from Global Cambridge Learning , where he also sits on the international board of advisers, representing Africa.

Fredrick also holds a certificate in blockchain technology management from the Asian Management Development Academy in collaboration with Oxford Business College. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in business administration with a prestigious university from Malaysia.

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