Mamombe’s arresting officer a soldier: Lawyer


A STATE witness who is also the arresting officer for Harare West constituency legislator, Joana Mamombe (MDC Alliance), who is accused of trying to subvert a constitutional government yesterday stunned court when he failed to name the department he works for at the police’s Law and Order section.

He also failed to name his immediate bosses that led to an accusation by the defence that he was a soldier masquerading as a police officer.

The witness and arresting officer, Dennis Muroyiwa failed to answer questions pertaining to his employer and to name the rights of the accused persons.

Muroyiwa told magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa that they did not have a warrant of arrest when they arrested Mamomombe because the warrant was not needed.

Mamombe’s lawyer, Obey Shava objected and asked the court if the witness was a police officer to which he said he joined the police force in 2011.

Muroyiwa, however, failed to name various departments of the Law and Order section and the names of the inspectors that head the department.

“Are you a police officer and which department are you attached to?” Shava asked.

“Yes, I am a police officer. I joined the police in 2011 and I am attached at Law and Order section,” Muroyiwa replied.

“You’re not a police officer what exactly are you in society, you failed to name the departments and the name of your bosses you purport to work for. Who exactly is using you? When are you going back to the barracks?” Shava asked.

“Why is it your identity is questionable, you refused to show your identity document to the accused and now you seem not to know the police procedures when it comes to arrest a suspect?” Shava further asked.

“I did show Mamombe my identity document and I even told her the rights of the accused person before I arrested her,” Muroyiwa replied.

The witness was asked to produce his police identity document to which he produced an identity card which has no picture of his face. He was asked why it has no picture of his face; Muroyiwa said the picture was wiped off by sweat.

Muroyiwa failed to explain how Mamombe committed the offence if she only addressed a Press conference.

Another witness, who is the investigation officer Raphael Chakama, told the court that he was given the docket yesterday.

Chakama said he brought the accused to court after noting that 48 hours period was about to lapse.

Mamombe narrated events which led to her arrests. She told the court that she received a call from her mother at around 11 pm while she was attending parliamentary business in Nyanga at Monte Casino Hotel. Her mother told her that she was wanted by police officers who gained entry into the house by jumping over a precast wall.

Mamombe said on March 25, she saw eight people following her at the hotel in Nyanga and she suspected that they were the assailants who visited her mother’s place.

Mugwagwa postponed the matter to today for ruling.

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