Lawyer warns ‘overzealous’ prosecutor

Mishrod Guvamombe


ZANU PF legislator Jonathan Samukange yesterday warned the presidential special anti-corruption prosecutor, who is presiding over the matter of suspended chief magistrate Mishrod Guvamombe that he must stick to professionalism and not be overzealous, cautioning that he will face persecution if the regime changes.

Samukange had applied for Guvamombe’s matter to be moved to the High Court because the presiding magistrates were his subordinates.

But prosecutor, Zivanai Macharaga said the defence were in the habit of raising unnecessary complaints.

This irked Samukange, who then told Macharaga that they were persecuting his client based on politics and warned that he would also be persecuted when the regime changes.

“You must be professional and not be overzealous. You must not humiliate, persecute and embarrass your brother, who is also an officer of the court and I told you you’ll also be persecuted when this regime changes,” Samukange said.

Samukange later filed a notice to apply for the release of Guvamombe’s passport, saying he wanted to attend his child’s graduation ceremony at a destination not revealed in court.

Nemadire postponed the matter to March 18.