Junior swimmers impress, break records at SA tourney

By Freeman Makopa

Zimbabwe’s top junior swimmers impressed at the South Africa National Junior Championships held at Kings Park Pool where they clinched 15 medals, while breaking some records in the process.

Zimbabwe Aquatic Union president Mary Kloppers was impressed with the level of performance displayed by the youngsters.

“This tour was extremely successful. It is the top level age group gala in South Africa. Neighbouring countries also participated. To gain this many medals at this high level of competition is very encouraging. Not only do we applaud the swimmers themselves, but also their dedicated coaches who walked this path with them.

“These swimmers are still very young, which is good news for the future of swimming in Zimbabwe when we are looking at future Youth Olympians and African Youth Games.

Kloppers disclosed that eight Zimbabwean records were broken at the tournament.

“We are proud to announce that eight Zimbabwean records were broken, which is testimony to the improvement in the level of swimming in Zimbabwe at that level. Donata Katai is the most publicised having broken Kirsty Coventry’s record,” she said

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Katai made an impressive swim which saw him grab two gold medals, while Denilson Cyprianos and Graham Hoal got two silver medals each.

At the same time Cory Werrett and Josh Covill earned a single silver medal each.

Katai led the team in the medals haul together with Cory Werrett, Paige VD, Westhuizen and Josh Covill, adding five bronzes in the medals basket. Team Zimbabwe also managed to scoop two relay medals in the 14 and under Boys, 4x50m free style as well as in the 14 and under mixed medley.


  1. Can the racism that is in swimming please be attended to? Also, the issue of everlasting office bearers who stay in office by holding elections for their positions at their own houses and using processes that are not transparent. The real Constitution is only seen by these office bearers so how can people vote? The government has admitted that the racism is there but is allegedly leaving the people practising it to deal with it. I think at school it was called a “circular reference” which of course could never produce an answer. SAAAAAAD!

  2. If the current state of play is allowed to persist, which is that Mrs Kloppers and her friends are the people who determine the future of a swimmer then the news is actually not great. Some of these children or their guardians/coaches will dare to have a different opinion from the powers that be and the child will be punished by being treated like a non – entity regardless of his or her times, dedication and contribution. Sooner or later the child gives up working in such a hostile environment. It happens every year

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