Gweru left with 7 months’ water supply

A section of Gwenoro Dam
A section of Gwenoro Dam

By Brenna Matendere

Water levels at Gweru City’s main water supply, Gwenhoro Dam, has fallen to 34% just enough to last for the next seven months, an official has said.

Council spokesperson, Manford Gambiza, told Southern Eye that Gwenhoro’s low water levels were due to poor inflows during the 2018/2019 season which was characterised by long dry spells.

“This can only last us for seven months. We urge residents to, accordingly, use water sparingly and also to speedily report burst pipes. We can benefit fully from the remaining water that we have by preserving it as much as possible,” he said.

“The quick solution to the water crisis will be to switch to Amaphongokwe Dam, which is currently at 80% full. The water it has can last the city for the next 19 months. However, for the city to start receiving water supplies from that dam we need about $2 million so that the pumping system there is upgraded to the required levels to meet the increased demand to sustain the whole of Gweru.”

Gambiza said Gwenhoro’s pumping system also required an upgrade.

“Gwenhoro Dam actually needs new pumps to replace the old ones. We actually need four new pumps to avoid any water supply disruptions. Sixty million litres of water is required daily, but we are only pumping 45 million litres at Gwenhoro. For all these projects at Amaphongokwe and Gwenhoro to be executed to a level where we will never have any water challenges, $90 million is required,” Gambiza said.