Editorial Comment: ED, Chamisa must stop massaging egos


Editorial Comment

WHILE the call by MDC leader Nelson Chamisa for Zanu PF first secretary, President Emmerson Mnangagwa to urgently dialogue with him to rescue the country’s sinking economy might appear sincere on the surface, it is important for the two politicians to stop massaging their personal egos and genuinely engage each other for the benefit of the country.

The call appears very noble on the grounds of inclusivity, yet lack of trust and sincerity between the major players in Zimbabwe’s political realm has cost the country in a big way.

Although we cannot vouch for the veracity of the opposition political outfit’s power to shut its doors if Zanu PF continues to treat it as a minor player, what is clear is that both Mnangagwa and Chamisa have kept the country on hold for too long due to their antics.

It is important to understand that as the West, in particular the United States of America, visits economic sanctions against Zimbabwe, both Mnangagwa and Chamisa will never feel their effects, but the poor majority, who are their grassroots supporters, are feeling them big time.

It boggles the mind how long Zimbabweans should continue to suffer under the debilitating economic sanctions. It is our contention that Mnangagwa should show genuine Statesmanship and not this grandstanding he’s doing for the international world. It is time he becomes his own man and engages in serious dialogue with the youthful opposition leader.

The fact that he has appointed the Presidential Advisory Council from captains of industry or that because he rallied leaders of minor political outfits to a so-called dialogue does not, in any way, qualify him as a genuine Statesman. Otherwise, the PAC will still be hamstrung by Zanu PF politics, the same politics derailing his reform agenda.

Zimbabweans who bear the brunt of the economic malaise can see through Mnangagwa’s machinations — that he is desperate to get international recognition, yet nothing really tangible is happening on the ground by way of economic and political reforms.

We believe that the President has more to lose than Chamisa given he’s supposed to be a leader of all Zimbabweans. Grandstanding won’t get him anywhere.
Citizens demand action.

What has happened to Mnangagwa’s proposal that Zimbabwe officially recognises the position of the leader of the main opposition? Who is stalling this process if the President wants to push forward with the economic and political reforms? It is time Mnangagwa stops accusing the opposition of stalling economic progress when he appears clueless in the face of Zimbabweans.

In fact, if the governing Zanu PF party does not move forward with the needed reforms, Mnangagwa would likely go down in history as the country’s worst leader.

With all the bickering dominating the political landscape, it is clear that citizens are not happy with their political leaders. Citizens are yearning for leaders with their interests at heart, not this self-serving lot eager to amass wealth and massage their egos while seated on top of emaciated bodies worn out by poverty.

If dialogue is what will get Zimbabwe back on track, why is it taking our political leaders long to sit around the table and iron out their differences once-and-for-all?

We call on Chamisa and Mnangagwa to put their differences away and move the country forward. Each of them commands a huge following in the country, hence there’s no need for any of them to feel superior over the other.

This hubris must just stop.


  1. Our problems only begin with the lack of adherence to a set of rules and regulations governing our state. It is not an individual who governs our country but each one of us plays their part by adhering to the requirements of our constitution whatever we do. The costitution clearly states that it is the candidate that scores 50 percent plus 1 vote of the total valid votes cast in a presidential race who forms the government of the day that has a clear five year term which must not be disturbed by violence and other criminal activities aimed at subotaging the incumbent. President Mnangagwa has only recently been given that mandate and he seems to me to be scoring a lot in this short space of time save that the opposition is fighting hard to scutle his effort. Zimbabwe can still do very well with the sanctions in place and Zimbabwe can use other currencies other than the us dollar. Our major trading partners are South Africa and China and I see no reason why we should not use the currencies of those countries.

  2. The commentator missed the point here, if he really think that President ED AND Chamisa are equal in terms of the constitution. President ED is the sitting head of state voted by the majority as required by the constitution. How can there be a suggestion that there is no junior partner sure.Who should call the dialogue the winner or the looser.You better not fool your readers. Chamisa does not have any iota of power to call for dialogue.

  3. Your comments as a paper are very confused . On one article you say the sanctions are targeted at individuals . On this article you say the sanctions are affecting the whole nation . You say Chamisa is serious about dialogue when he is the one who refused to meet ED when he was invited . Chamisa does not care what happens to the economy ,all he wants is power . He wants to rule even when he did not win the elections . He does not want to work with all the other polititions . He does not get it into his head that he can only get a chance to be president ONLY if he wins elections and this is from 2023 on wards . If you want to be helpful , tell Chamisa to join the other polititions in the dialogue . Your comment which says Each of them commands a huge following in the country, hence there’s no need for any of them to feel superior over the other is a poor one . The two are not equal if the truth is to be told .At party level they are both presidents but at country level ED is President and Chamisa is just an ordinary citizen .

  4. Let us momentarily sideline our positions and salvage the nation.
    Where is the prestige in chest-thumbing about your high ranks amidst millions of starving citizens?

  5. People make a constitution then its amended to suit some people because they scored some few millions votes…… whats the purpose of the constitution.

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