ED under fire over Chamisa rap


OPPOSITION political parties have come out guns blazing, accusing President Emmerson Mnangagwa of being blasphemous, stubborn and vindictive after he likened himself to God while equating his rival, MDC leader Nelson Chamisa to Satan.

“How can he dare compare himself to the Creator when he is subjecting everyone in Zimbabwe to a living hell? Surely, God does not deliver suffering to his own people,” MDC spokesperson Jacob Mafume said.

“The illusion around dialogue which excludes the MDC has already proven to be a political fallacy, many are pulling out because they are aware that the approach will not create sufficient consensus.”

Mafume said the statements by Mnangagwa could easily cause internal strife, and trigger violence against opposition supporters and the party leadership.

“We have noted with concern a continued pattern of these reckless statements coming from him in succession, a case in point is the remarks he made in Rutenga when he made threats to unleash violence on citizens for exercising their rights provided in section 59 of the Constitution,” he said.

“It is, therefore, premature for Mnangagwa to use extremist metaphors like ‘devil’ simply because the MDC holds different political views from him. In any case, history has shown that these labels can easily incite degeneration and unnecessary loss of life, especially coming from the leader of a militant political outfit.”

Chamisa through his spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda, said he would not engage Mnangagwa in a verbal exchange because he was more concerned with defending the poor and delivering real change to Zimbabweans.

“President Chamisa is a prayerful and God-fearing leader whose interests are to rebuild this country’s economy and society. He does not equate earthly fiefdoms with the Kingdom of God. He is encouraged that Zimbabwe is largely a God-fearing country and will remain so,” he said.

“Those who see themselves as analogous or similar to God, will answer to God. The people’s president does not engage in unnecessary public insults, he remains focused in talking about the issues that affect our country, such as dialogue and all other action that can unlock political illegitimacy and drive us towards economic stabilisation and growth.”

Daniel Shumba, whose party, the United Democratic Alliance, pulled out of talks brokered by Mnangagwa, said the Zanu PF leader had shown his arrogance and vindictiveness in making such a statement.

“That’s clearly an arrogant and vindictive view from a President who claims to want to forester unity, but don’t take him seriously for equating himself to God, that is just a limitation of descriptive English. That is the best he could do under the circumstances,” he said.

Mnangagwa told journalists on Tuesday at the close of the Zimbabwe-South Africa Bi-National Commission summit attended by his South African counterpart, Cyril Ramaphosa, that he will push on with dialogue despite the withdrawal from the process by a number of political parties.

“We will not be swayed by the negative forces because even the Lord upstairs was not able to keep his house in order, he had Satan. These things happen. He still remains there as creator,” Mnangagwa said.


  1. Where is the fire…..

    1. kkkkk you can say that again

  2. ED has a lot of limitations, he has serious challenges with quality leadership, zero grasp on economic issues now this latest one of very limited in descriptive English, so much for his law degree.

  3. Nyatsimba Mutota

    Kana muchida kuziva kuti ED munhu akaita sei endai ku Kwekwe. Munobata chokwadi makusenisei. Havatodi kunzwa nezvake. Open for business kuita sei. Democracy first before “open for business”, Human rights respect first before open for business.

  4. ED did not equate himself to God .Why do you twist the message ?He only referred to the fact that Chamisa tried to wrestle the presidency and is still trying but the legally elected remains president and Chamisa remains the loser . If Chamisa is really Godly , he should stop fighting for power and get into dialogue with the rest of the people . He should take up any opportunity to dialogue and stop setting up selfish conditions . He should discuss conditions during dialogue. Chamisa should also understand that he can not be president of the country within these five years except if he does it illegally .

  5. The beautiful ones are not yet born

    Much ado about nothing. Junk reporting

  6. the creator did not kill 20000 people through gukurahundi the creator did not make people dissappear in zim the creator did not own most mines as mnangagwa and army is thats why the country suffers this man run the mine with his chines friends and no revenue is paid to state soldiers are cruel to people because they are also party of the loot tell me who own the mines this man is evil worse than mugabe he has too much blood of the innocent in his hands zimbabwe is ruled by terrorist no gvt only thieves are running the state

  7. Nelson Wamba dia Wamba Tjamisa aka Rusifa,kwaaaa!!

  8. If only we could count how many times Chamisa and his supporters have called ED the devil

  9. Much-ado-about-nothing.Slowly becoming clear that other than the endless posturing on the so-called dialogue, Chamisa might have no tangible alternative to offer the suffering people.With no any meaningful proposals on an alternative programme, then just shut up and prepare for elections in 2023

  10. ED did not equate himself to God, what he meant was its not surprising to have rebel like Chamisa who does not accept that ED is president since heaven, holy as it is, there was found a devil, who challenged God’s authority. so ED human as he is, its normal to get challengers, who will not even accept his presidency even after an election and a court ruling. so there is nothing blasphemous about his statement.

  11. Farai Johnson Nhire

    The opposition sympathisers are quick to take issue for nothing whatsoever. Did not God himself make us in his own image? Genesis 1 Verse 27. What then is the problem if we compare ourselves to our loving heavenly father? Did not God lhken Moses to himself and pronounce Aaron his brother his prophet? Exodus 7 Verse 1. Does not God consider his own children as gods? John 10 Verse 34 to 36. God is literaly a loving father to us not the kind of monster you want to potray. We are also required to sublect ourselves to authority without which we can be punished. The authorities have the biblical mandate to wield their sword against lawless ones. Roman 13 Verse 4. So please, do not misrepresent facts. In Beit Bridge, Ed just warned those who are bent on formenting anarchy. The kind of God which Ed and I worship is a God of peace not of disorder. 1 Corinthians 14 Verse 33. We hate violence just like our heavenly father and that is why we denounce those who resort to violence for whatever reason.

  12. fre dewa rewa ro roouiyt da emmerson dabudzo mnangagwa sa re derasefoo

  13. In any case ED did not equate himself with God, he only said even in hean God and the devil fought but God remains God, iterrally implying that in our situation ED is the President of Zimbabwe.

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