Chicken Hut partners ‘walkervist’



SOUTH AFRICAN activist Thato Molosankwe, who is on a foot trip from Cape to Cairo to raise awareness on women abuse, has been honoured by Chicken Hut for his initiative as the latter pledged to be his exclusive meal provider during his time in the country.

Chicken Hut’s Chad Chawanda told NewsDay Life & Style yesterday that their decision was informed by their drive to be more than just a food outlet.

“We, as Chicken Hut, have pledged to be Molosankwe’s exclusive meal provider while he is in Harare. This is in line with our good heart initiative. Chicken Hut is not just a food outlet, but a responsible player in the betterment of those who come into contact with the brand.”

“Through our contact with Thato, Dr Simba Pfumojena who is a physician, has agreed to assess Thato’s feet, since he has walked miles on foot.”

Molosankwe said he was happy with the gesture.

“Chicken Hut will be providing me with meals and refreshments during my stay in Harare and they are also connecting me to Chicken Hut in Zambia and other parts of Africa where they do business,” he said.

The activist appoints a co-coordinator in every country he visits and in Zimbabwe he has been working with Nyasha Chepeto, who connected him to different local organisations.

“He (Chepeto) came on board and started to assist me in getting support and donations for me including publicity and that’s how l met Chicken Hut,” he said.

Molosankwe will soon leave Zimbabwe and continue with his 42 177km walk to Cairo, covering over 49 countries.