Chamisa is a rebel — Mnangagwa


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has described his political arch-rival and opposition MDC leader Nelson Chamisa as a “rebel”, just like the biblical Satan who could not co-exist with God in heaven.

Addressing journalists at the closing ceremony of the Zimbabwe-South Africa Bi-National Commission Summit attended by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa in Harare yesterday, Mnangagwa said his Zanu PF administration would not be pushed around by the opposition leader because he had already begun talks with “patriotic opposition parties”.

“We will not be swayed by negative forces because even the Lord upstairs was not able to keep his house in order; he had Satan. These things happen. He still remains there,” Mnangagwa said.

Chamisa and five other opposition party leaders have stayed away from the Mnangagwa-initiated national dialogue, arguing that the process was flawed.

The MDC leader has, instead, challenged Mnangagwa to swallow his pride and start “real talks” with him to resolve the country’s crisis.

But Mnangagwa, who won the disputed 2018 election by a slim margin, said Chamisa could “go hang”, since he was already talking to those who were willing and patriotic to Zimbabwe’s cause.

“However, in a democracy, it is not a crime to move away from progress by those who are not willing to come to the table with the rest of the parties and organisations in the country who are determined to work for the way forward of our country, to better the lives of our people. We cannot compel everybody to come to the table,” he said.

Mnangagwa said it was Chamisa’s democratic right to walk away “from progress”.

“But those who have the need and desire and who are patriotic to their country will always come together and contribute to the constructive ideas, to move forward. As a result of this endeavour, I have created the Presidential Advisory Council (PAC), which puts together the top brains of our people in Zimbabwe as well as top brains outside Zimbabwe,” he said.

The Zanu PF leader said from his PAC and the on-going dialogue, he was expecting to get the much-needed global acceptance for a better Zimbabwe.

“We need to leapfrog in terms of development to catch up with other developing countries,” he said.

Contacted for comment, Chamisa yesterday referred questions to his spokesperson, Nkululeko Sibanda.

“Talk to my spokesperson, I don’t want to be drawn into such issues,” he said.

Sibanda said Mnangagwa was “mischaracterising” Chamisa.

“I think the real Satan is the one who has blood in his hands, the blood of more than 20 000 people in Matabeleland, the blood of people in DRC [the Democratic Republic of Congo],” he said.

“But president Chamisa would not want to engage himself in this kind of politics. We hope that Mnangagwa will grow up one day and show maturity. He must be a Statesman and show maturity and not this kind of insults and demeaning statements. It is unfortunate.”

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  1. ‘…Lord upstairs was not able to keep his house in order…’
    is this true Mwari anoshaya order here.Blasphemy !!


    It is like expecting blood out of a stone to even think that Mnangagwa can make any positive changes in the people of Zimbabwe’s lives.A fully grown grandpa hurling insults at a youthful leader just because he has nothing else positive to give to the people that he purport to be leading.Shame on you Dambudzo,Shame on the very place that your birth took place!What has Chamisa who is not even part of the government done that has made you fail to revive the economy?Like you predecessor old Bob you are always looking at someone to blame for your shortcomings.Sanctions were put in place until your mafia govt starts respecting human life,arresting all those that are looting state coffers,reforming of the electoral laws,reforming of the security sector that you use to kill the same people that you want to rule,abductions and torturing of opposition political party members,the list is endless.Why dont you blame yourself for not implementing some of the reforms that you all agreed with the opposition parties? I feel pity for all those idiots who cannot see the deliberate blunders by the zanu pf leaders who are actually competing to make as much wealthy as possible at the expense of the whole population.People should just wake up from their deep slumber!

  3. Elijah Chihota

    Chamisa want people to worship the ground he walks on, turning himself into a demi god. He enjoys telling people that he has the keys to the country’s economy. As a leader who wants to contest the 2023 election, who in his right mind would vote for Chamisa considering the level of pain he has made people to go through.

    1. Over 2 million people already voted him in case you missed that. I am wondering why people shout at the top of their voices for Chamisa who isn’t part of government. ED you are the leader and please if the economy is on the way up great then we will applaud you when we see the results not hearing from you.

    2. Why would people vote Chamisa? Why are you even bothered?

    3. Chamisa causing pain? In what way? Clarify.


  5. Shining Wonder

    Hey Mr President matuka Mwari chokwadi kuti Mwari anga asina order ummmmmmmm pray for forgiveness. Zvimwe zvese mungataura asi kutuka Mwari ka

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