AMHVoices: Matemadanda needs help

DO all war veterans need to be Zanu PF supporters? Surely, Defence deputy minister Victor Matemadanda needs help.

By Disgruntled Chimbwido, Our Reader

The war veterans are highly regarded as the people who brought the land back to their rightful owners, but the majority of them are suffering and have nothing, yet Matemadanda pretends to care about them.

The reality is Matemadanda and many others of his ilk just want to benefit themselves and don’t even give a hoot about what their fellow comrades are going through.

Many of the real sons of the soil are either licking their wounds in the rural areas, while the former taxi driver Matemadanda is enjoying life at the high table.

Recently in Bulawayo, he said war veterans were suffering and then got out of track when he mentioned that war veterans should only support Zanu PF, a statement which contradicts what real sons and daughters of the soil fought for, which among them is freedom of expression and association.

Maybe it was luck that got Matemadanda the position he holds. We need real war veterans who take care of war veterans’ needs and not public speakers who do not put their words into action.

Let’s support our heroes instead of enjoying the fruits of other people’s blood.

Why are we so blinded by these men?


  1. KKKKKKKKK ZANU PF so who is a real war vets bcz it appears no one is recently Marble Chinomona advised Zimbabweans that Mugabe did not participate in war of liberation so who did we hear some used to steal womens underwares kkkkk some used to take care of cdes in their capacity as war wives so please Matemadanda in Zambia so they say he was a TAXI or KOMBI driver no one knows Kasukuwere please gives us the dot com. Bcz we are tired of these fake war vets who got $50.000.00

    1. War Vet?. Matemadanda is a greed and selfish person whose sickening attitude makes a mockery of the liberation struggle. look at mutsvangwa…..that guy is a sick war vet. Why are warvets punishing the general populace ……ED /Chiwenga’s involvement in the war was a mistake. Joining the war was voluntary ….why do these people behave as if we owe them something. ED/Chwenga behave as if it was their god given right to treat us like slaves….

  2. Esp Matemadanda is not a war veteran. he did not fight in any war or battle. As mawar vet chaiwo anokuudza.

  3. I think these people they are now suffering from memory loss. They say that Mugabe did not participate in the war of liberation but the question is, why was he labelled as black hitler by the Ian Smith regime. Most of these so called war vets do not know what it means by the term war veteran. Some fought with guns, some fought with their minds whereas people like Mugabe,Zvobgo, L. Takawira fought with their minds. Education was the tool that Mugabe used to fight the white rule. They should know that vana Mugabe vaishandisa pfungwa pakurwisa muvengi. When it comes to writing our history Mugabe has more to talk about compared to some of these clueless people. We can go for centuries talking about Mugabe alone both his excellence and brutality, vamwe kana abva pachigaro zvavharana. Though i don’t support zanu pf but when it comes to history, it should be told as it is. Mugabe participated in the liberation struggle. True war vets know the role played by Mugabe during the liberation struggle.

    1. same here i dont support zanu pf but by questioning Mugabes war veteran status its the same as saying Smith wasnt an active participator of UDI. Vamwe when push comes to shove makunzi mataxi driver wani kkkkk EVERY ZIMBABWEAN WHO CONTRIBUTED TO THE SECOND CHIMURENGA IS A WAR VET KWETE VAKABATA PFUTI LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO REBELLIONS THAT DIDNT HAVE PROPER EDUCATED LEADERS WHO WERENT TRIGGER HAPPY. The likes of koni the drc etc. Mugabe wasnt a saint but he fought the war yes he was given prominence over other active players of his time the likes of Ndabaningi chikerema nkomo.Wars arent fought by guns only inorder to fire the gun the brain must be working

  4. Mugabe was clever enough to see that he didnt need to hold a gun to fight the war or rule the country. Ma war vets aya are lost causes a war isnt fought by guns ONLY nor do you require military training to fight a war.Usually empty vessels make the most noise. Mugabe destroyed the country etc but before 1980 his contribution to the struggle is unquestionable. unoti sei current president aimira kumashure kwake.Roosevelt and churchill stalin never went to the front in the second world war they are hailed as heroes but never expirienced the horrors of DDAY

    1. but i guess its something only an educated man can understand

  5. Even our parents in rural homes fought the liberation war, they played a pivotal role during that time, so Mr Matemand….. stop thinking that you are the best War Vet on the land.Aikubikirai ndiyani, aikupai mamwe mazano ndiyani, aikupai information ndiyani, aikupfekedzai ndiyai, aikuhwandisai mudzimba ndiyani, aikuimbirai mumapungwe ndiyani, vakapfurwa vakafa ndanani, kana vakatadza kuenda kuzvikoro ndanani.

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