Amandla Brands explores new markets


By Moses Mugugunyeki

Amandla Brands, a local food processing start-up which won CBZ’s Youth Entrepreneurship Programme (YEP), says it is exploring new markets, with the introduction of a new product range designed to bring convenience to the traveller.

The company’s managing director, Sympathy Sibanda-Mazuruse, told NewsDay that the new range would allow customers to enjoy Amandla products on the go.

“Our trademark registration allows us to produce around 50 products under the Amandla Brands range and we are producing a traveller’s pack which would include snack bars with chocolate, peanut butter healthy sachets, dried nuts as well as salted giant nuts,” she said.

Sibanda-Mazuruse said they felt compelled to produce the traveller’s pack after realising that most of the times, people struggled to get healthy and filling snacks when travelling.

“In as much as the market has embraced our products, especially the flagship Amandla peanut butter, introducing the peanut butter in a satchet means you can have this in your travelling pack, enjoy it in the hotel room or pack it for your kids and family members as they travel to work, school and so forth,” she added.

The company is engaging hotels, transport and other service providers as they push the traveller’s pack concept.

“We strongly feel the traveller’s pack has got a ready market in hotels, restaurants as well in homes, especially for those wanting to carry packed lunch to work or school. It’s equally convenient for the traveller who needs an easy to carry, but filling healthy package,” Sibanda-Mazuruse said.