Zim now military State: Chamisa

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

ZIMBABWE has effectively moved from a police, to a military State, where members of the army are now being used to maintain order while police have been reduced to spectators, MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has said.


In an exclusive interview with NewsDay on Friday, Chamisa said while a police State under President Robert Mugabe was bad enough; things had become worse because the military has taken over.

“We have a problem; it’s bad enough to have a police State and when ED [President Emmerson Mnangagwa] came before elections after the November thing, he removed roadblocks, yet it was a decoy, he has even moved the country from a police State to a militarised State. We love our soldiers, we honour our soldiers; they are patriotic; but, honestly, why are politicians abusing our soldiers to draw them into issues that are not supposed to be theirs?” he asked.

Chamisa, who snubbed Mnangagwa’s meeting to come up with a roadmap for dialogue at State House last week, said the army was being used to further Zanu PF’s stranglehold on power.

His statements followed reports that elements of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) had taken over policing duties from the police who, since the coup last year, have been treated with suspicion because of their perceived loyalty to Mugabe.

Until last Thursday, armed soldiers had become a common and permanent feature at major roadblocks mounted 24 hours a day on highways, while at some police stations, members of the military had pitched tents where they were now sleeping.

Sources in the police told NewsDay that while the soldiers appeared to be working under instruction of the police, it was the army that was effectively in charge of operations.

“We are as scared of the soldiers as the civilians are. The police is not trusted. As we go out on patrols and roadblocks, we take instructions from the soldiers, this is how
the system works because we are viewed as anti the current establishment,” a highly-placed police source said.

The army has since, through Major-General Douglas Nyikayaramba, conceded that they had taken charge after protesters overran police stations.

“They (protesters) overran police stations, burnt police and public transport vehicles and also killed citizens, including a police officer. They broke into police armouries, stealing weapons and ammunition, which they used to kill people.

“Had the military not come in support of the Zimbabwe Republic Police, one wonders whether the whole country would not have been looted that day. The ZDF (Zimbabwe Defence Forces) however, regrets the loss of life which followed the unnecessary disturbances,” Nyikayaramba said, justifying military intervention.

But MDC spokesperson Jacob Mafume dismissed Nyikayaramba, saying the deployment of soldiers was illegal.

“They are deploying the military not to assist the police, but to prop up Zanu PF, we have become a West African-style military dictatorship, if you remember the military dictatorships of West Africa, of the 1980s and 1990s where the army said that they have to intervene in all sphere’s of civilian life, command agriculture, command justice, command policing, command housing and everything else has to be done through a military dictatorship. It is a model that failed in West Africa and it is a model that will fail
in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Mafume said, in line with the Constitution, the army should only be deployed during an emergency or where police were unable to discharge their duties, not on a daily basis.

“The deployment of soldiers should be a process to assist the police, there should be an emergency or there should be a state were the police are now overwhelmed and cannot carry out their normal duties, it is not every day that soldiers are deployed, that is illegal,” he said.

Police spokesperson Commissioner Charity Charamba requested questions in writing and had not responded after getting questions on Tuesday last week.


  1. Madeal arikuramba ka mabhinya enyu amuno trainer . Kuti akanganise nyika ye zim vana chamisa. Haana door masoja batai munhu.kuno kwatiri kumarocations tirikufamba zvakanaka chaizvo masoja number one. Kana anga asipo tingadai takaurawa nambavha dzako chamisa. Vamwe mashop edu akapazwa ne mbavha dzako.

  2. And so what Nero????? As long as they are there to protect us let it be.

    Most police officers have developed a tendency of turning a blind eye towards violent protesters probably as a way getting back at ED for disturbing their corruption at road blocks.

    Those who loot, destroy other people’s property ngavarohwe chaizvo.

    Pastor Politician Chamisa you got all this wrong and so far it looks like God is not on your side and is not in it.

    • Anorwara uyu… Chamisa ,are you disputing that the police were overwhelmed?.its only that you always do the opposite

  3. Tumbudzi twe mdca tunongoridza mhere nepotusingafanirwi kutaura. Ko imo muno ndimo munonzi masoja ngaasa sapote government asi america iri kuti muVenezuela Army ngaisapote puppet yawo iri kuzviisa pachigaro isina mandate ye vanhu like kachamisa kaida kuzviisa pachigaro kuGwanzura kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkky. Akawo mafumhe kanongobvotomoka hakana kana direction kungodawo kunzi kataura. SHAME

  4. It is better to be a Military State than to be a hooligans State with people who dont value life and other people’s properties.

  5. Are you not ashamed you ZANOIDS or CIOs whatever you call yourselves……… I mean these comments here. How much are you being given to utter all these hurting statements. Isnt it clear to all citizens that the army is not welcome even in locations where you so boast kuti titori right…. nyaraiwo mhani. Zimbabwe is now on its knees because of these very activities and you still say yea its good for the army to be roaming around. This army presence is not to meant to lookout for MDCA machinations but pachenyu ikoko ku zanu, you dont trust each other. its true and you know that very well that your number one enermy is yourselves, and you know very well that MDCA’s vanguard is not armed. Mbwende dzevanhu…….. Killings un armed civilians””” you must be all ashamed. Because of chigaro and $s which you will soon be leaving as you all head to the graves one by one. These thieves who masqueraded as liberators are a real curse to zimbabwe. so disgusting are your acts of terrorism. you never left kahunhu kenyu kemusango, where you raped our sisters and killed our livestock by force. You are cheap liars…. hezvoka your lies are now haunting you. in this day and age, a whole government could lie in such a way that it loses trust by 7 year olds. Munonyadzisa chaizvo…. ishhhhhhhhhhhh mbavha dzinoendesa dzimwe mbavha kujeri,,,, what a shame.. hamunyare varume vakuru. Kutonzi baba, munhu achireva mhondi idzodzi… makaita sei chaizvo musinga guti imi.. You need God to help you.

  6. MDC brought this on the people when it dragged soldiers out of barracks through its reckless behaviour and antics

  7. MDC asked for t, got it and should live with it. They want the army to withdraw s that their hooligans embark on their wave of destruction again – zvino rwendo runo mairasa – munozara mujeri chete

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