Zambia Army Commander, Lieutenant General William Siakzwe says the Zambia Army has enough manpower to do construction works in the country.

General Sikazwe observed that many feeder roads are in a bad state while some bridges are on the verge of collapsing due to heavy rains across the country.

Speaking when he called on Central Province Permanent Secretary (PS), Bernard Chomba, the Zambia Army Commander, said the service has enough engineers to reconstruct the roads that are in a deplorable state.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chomba said the province has good fertile soils and receives favourable rainfall for agricultural activities.

He said the Zambia Army should consider setting up farms in Central Province in order to increase food production and contribute to the national food security of the country.

Mr. Chomba said there is also need for retaining of officers to arm them with vocational skills that can help them after retirement. ads Ads

The PS urged the Zambia Army Commander to help construct the Luano road, which he said is in a deplorable state in the province.

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