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By Staff Reporter

There are many factors that facilitate the strength and growth of a country’s economy and its saving and investment culture is another factor. According to figures in the Bankers Association of Zimbabwe economic bulletin, Zimbabwe’s savings rate as a percentage of GDP is estimated at less than 10%. This is very disturbing as savings and investments form a foundation of a successful growing economy, seeking self-sufficiency in providing for its citizens as well as creating certainty and financial independence for its people. To grow the economy and to develop the means to deal with the problems like poverty there is need to undertake a drive to save and invest.

The presence of financial services and products aims to provide a critical tool to inculcate the habit to save. Capital formation in the country is also expected to be boosted once financial inclusion measures materialise. The benefits of savings and investments are not only significant for individuals but for economies as well. An economy that reaches all its citizens allows for more effective execution of other social policies and development priorities. Savings and investment is not only positively correlated with growth, but is generally believed to impact growth.

Through products that target the masses like C-TRADE issuers are able to tap into a new source of funding or diversify into a new pool of retail liquidity. These products can either be an alternative source of funding or complement existing channels like private placement, bank lending and the wholesale debt capital market.

For investors, investment becomes convenient as they can unlock value by trading via mobile phones and online channels. The C-TRADE technology significantly reduces the need for tedious, laborious manual processes and paper work. This platform also provides investors with a convenient 24/7 mechanism to exit their investments.

C-TRADE can be accessed through the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), an Android Application which is downloadable from Google Play store and on Web portal. The outstanding feature about the C-TRADE mobile USSD application is that it can be utilised across all mobile network subscribers by simply dialing a single short code *727# across all networks. This is a very significant development considering that even the most sophisticated Exchanges in Africa only enable access through platforms that require the internet. This resonates well with the government and capital markets regulator’s drive to develop and deepen the market by introducing financial products that target all sections of the citizenry no matter their income levels and geographic spread.

Investors on internet enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets can also access the C-TRADE mobile App for the trading of securities. This is highly efficient since investors can manage their portfolios at any time with easy operational and navigational tools. Every second is valuable under certain market conditions thus, the mobile app helps critically in allowing investors to register and trade at the click of a button. For investors interested in rich stock market information, analytics, trends and share price movements, the web-based solution, C-TRADE online provides an advanced interface.

Once a savings and investment culture is created, the market stands to gain from the funds as more capital will be made available to increase the productive capacity of the economy. The investors stand to benefit in dividends and capital growth

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