Plumtree residents rap council officials over misuse of resources



PLUMTREE Combined Residents and Development Association (PCRADA) is up in arms with council officials, accusing them of misusing resources.

PCRADA chairperson Richard Khumalo told Southern Eye yesterday that residents were worried about the conduct of their councillors, who “are still not serious in monitoring council affairs”.

He said in December last year they unearthed the misuse of the local authority’s truck by senior council drivers.

“It was revealed that the truck was illegally hired by different people to carry their building materials, for example, river sand, quarry, pit sand and other items, meaning that the money for that service was never receipted or taken to council coffers,” Khumalo said.

“When a chain of evidence was brought to court, the offender was sentenced to 210 hours of community service at our local Vehicle Inspection Department, Plumtree depot. But these hours were to be done during weekends.”

Khumalo said the culprit was still at work, and continued abuse of council resources.

“…So far I, as the chairperson of PRCADA, have been approached by one of our councillors on why the management is still failing to fire the guy from work. He revealed that the management is divided on this issue, and instead are pushing for the culprit to resign by his own; fearing that if fired, he can reveal other things which will end up involving other senior council guys,” he said.

Khumalo said efforts to hold a meeting with councillors had failed to bear fruit.

But Plumtree town clerk Davies Dumezweni Luthe said the employee in question had been fired.

“…he is not at work. He was relieved of his duties last week, but we are still doing the modalities,” he said.


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