NGZ’s Byo director steps down


VETERAN artist and regional director of the National Art Gallery in Bulawayo, Voti Thebe, is set to retire at the end of this month, having served at the gallery for 43 years, NewsDay Life & Style has learnt.

Thebe (65) was the exhibition officer at the gallery; before he was promoted to the post of regional director in 2010.

“I was part of the furniture here and I have spent 43 years in the gallery being there for the people and the artists. I did not accomplish anything as I was at the gallery for artists,” he said.

“The transition from the minority group to the majority as Zimbabweans access the gallery shows how the gallery has transitioned.”

Thebe said people should bear in mind that the national gallery represents the nation.

“When one exhibits at the national gallery, we would have recognised the talent that is worthy showing to the whole world as not every Jack and Jill will be able to exhibit at the gallery,” he said.

Thebe said working with a number of people has been a challenge.

“Working with a lot of people has been a challenge. I always loved working with people and one thing you would notice with the gallery is that you will never plan to say I will do this. It’s a momentous occasion at the gallery,” he said.

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