Mliswa ups ante on Nduna, calls for investigation


DRAMA continued in Parliament yesterday as Norton MP Temba Mliswa (independent) insisted on having Chegutu West legislator Dextor Nduna (Zanu PF) investigated for alleged self-confessed murder.

The two lawmakers first crossed swords in the House on Monday, and almost disrupted Parliament business, as they accused each other of corruption. MDC Alliance MPs supported Mliswa’s point of privilege and encouraged him to continue speaking despite Deputy Speaker Tsitsi Gezi warning the Norton legislator to restrain himself.

“I rise on a point of privilege to register my displeasure and equally seek guidance from you, as chair, as to how far MPs can go in enjoying privileges and immunities of Parliament. The reason why I am saying so is that I am under threat from Nduna after he confessed that he has killed many people and he equally has threatened to kill me,” Mliswa said.

“I want to understand whether this is how MPs must act because my life is under threat. The remarks by Nduna that he killed people were made in a country under scrutiny for violence, especially allegations that there are ex-defence forces (members) who wore civilian clothes and were armed and killed people. Is it not because of the likes of Nduna?”

Mliswa said President Emmerson Mnangagwa was busy going around the world trying to clear Zimbabwe’s name over the recent shootings of civilians and yet there was an MP that claimed he murdered people.

“The police and army have been accused of those killings and yet the answer lies with Nduna. We have also had a lot of people killed in this country, accusing State security agents and yet the answer is clear. Itai Dzamara (journalist and activist) is missing and we now do not know whether he was killed by Nduna? Parliament is a sacred institution and we cannot have murderers in the House,” he said.

“It is important that there be an inquiry on this matter because my life has been threatened and this is an issue you must take seriously because it impacts on my freedom of association.”

Despite Gezi promising that the matter would be investigated, Mliswa refused to accept her response. He then turned directly at Nduna, pointing at him and shouting: “I am under threat, he is a murderer. You said you killed people you do not even know. Life is sacred. These are serious issues.”

Angered by Mliswa’s remarks, Nduna stormed out again, and Mliswa shouted again: “Do not go away you murderer!”

Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi and his Energy counterpart Joram Gumbo tried to restrain Mliswa, but the Norton MP turned his vitriol on Ziyambi, saying he was also an unclean person that was being investigated for human rights violations.

Sergeant at Arms Nicholas Marufu had to force-march Mliswa outside the House, as he continued shouting. Mutare Central MP Innocent Gonese (MDC Alliance) said that after a video of Nduna confessing to be a killer went viral on social media, he must be investigated.

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  1. The beautiful ones are not yet born

    Vanhu vanotambisirei nguva yevanhu ava? They get paid for this nonsense?

  2. Zimbabwe should be on cartoon network

  3. John Rossi, these issue are of paramount importance if we are to create accountable MPs and Ministers. You can not wish to down play murder issues by looking down on glaring evidence that we have killers in parliament. This is not right and if it goes unchecked will result in law makers being afraid to confront wrong doers. They are all law makers and must be ethical and true to their calling. We cannot have an MP who goes about threatening others simply because someone has accused them of being thieves. If they are not thieves and there being no evidence, why would someone make it all worse by threatening the accuser even before they are exonerated in a court of law. What Mliswa is doing is above board by sounding a whistle on corrupt lawmakers who act as if they are a law unto themselves. To make matters worse, Nduna then openly alludes to the fact that he has killed an uncountable number of people just to make a point? No. If he has confessed to this issue then the law must take its course and find out how many people he has murdered and should face the music. You want people who are cool and who keep quiet wanting not to be seen as “IDIOTS” at the same time they hide heinous crimes in their cupboards. Nduna must be investigated and must be recalled by his constituency if at all they are sane.

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