MDC calls on army brutality victims to seek treatment


THE MDC Veterans’ Association (VA) has called on all victims of recent army brutalities to come forward and receive medical treatment to avoid long-term health complications.

Remarks by the association’s national administrator, Godfrey Mubatsa, follow reports that most victims were not reporting and receiving medical treatment, as they feared soldiers could come after them again.

In an interview with NewsDay this week, Mubatsa said there was also need to record all victims for the purposes of compensation by government.

“I am urging you to come and receive treatment with our help. I am told that there are some relatives who are stopping their children from getting medical treatment as they fear to be assaulted again by soldiers. We are not happy about that at all,” he said.

“These relatives are not doing justice to their families because in the long term, they are going to be affected badly if they do not receive treatment. I feel sorry for young men who were assaulted, as some of them will have health challenges going forward.”

The MDC Veterans’ Associations is mainly made up of founding members of the opposition party. ads Ads

Human rights groups have said at least 17 people were killed, while hundreds were injured last month during a military crackdown against people suspected to have taken part in protests against fuel price hikes.

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