MDC blasts Mnangagwa over Zacc


THE Nelson Chamisa-led MDC yesterday demanded to know the full reasons why the Job Whabira-led Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) was disbanded as there were suspicions that the move was political.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Thursday disbanded Zacc, amid claims that it had become a white elephant, with some of the members allegedly involved in corrupt activities, while others were dabbling in Zanu PF factional politics.

MDC spokesperson Jacob Mafume said the resignation of the Zacc commissioners must be explained to citizens.

“The MDC notes with suspicion the release of information pertaining to resignations at the anti-corruption commission. While we would accept that the commissioners had failed dismally to deliver on their mandate during their tenure, half the time they fought Zanu PF factional battles using public resources,” Mafume said.

“In the current global indices, as far as corruption is concerned, Zimbabwe ranked badly and the commission never succeeded, not even once, to deal with culprits even in obvious cases like the missing $15 billion dollars diamond revenue, the salary gate among other cases of graft.”

Mafume said despite their dismal failure, the commissioners were occupants of constitutionally created offices.

He said the public was  therefore entitled to full details leading to their mass resignations as highlighted in the letter released by Chief Secretary to the  President and Cabinet, Misheck Sibanda.

“The information is for public consumption, it cannot be a privilege of individuals, keeping it under wraps will be abuse of office. We are of the view that the information must be used to shape effectiveness of the anti-corruption body in the future,” Mafume said.

“The MDC hopes no coercion was used to force the resignations. Only the release of full details will answer all the issues the people of Zimbabwe have. The MDC is wary of the growing tendency of undermining constitutional bodies by the Zanu PF government including the insults hailed at the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission and the setting up of parallel structures in Mnangagwa’s office.”

Mafume said corruption related offenses must be pursued. 

He said there must also be a mandatory declaration of assets for public officials, regular State sanctioned lifestyle audits, limited terms of office for all senior public executives, including heads of State enterprises and parastatals and the strengthening of transparency mechanisms on State procurement including the introduction of public bidding on major public tenders.

Mafume said there must be increased access to information, including the publication of terms and conditions of and public-guaranteed contracts and strengthened oversight role for parliament in all public

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  1. Comment…You are not serious imi MDC. Do honestly expect to get an explanation from ED whom u say is illegitimate. Kwanai

  2. ‘Demanded to Know’ in y7our capacity as who. To quote CGNC, uri chii pahuku yemutenda?

    MDC simply lacks depth – in another newspaper article there is noise about ‘kusimukira chamisa kuti agare’ MDC leadership behaves like early iron age chaiefs and kings – and this is 2019 to make matter worse.

  3. Comment…horo vanhu be Zanu

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