Mathole on debut album


AFTER releasing a number of singles, multi-talented and upcoming film director and music producer, Liberty Mwenjewashe Mathole, has now set out to release his debut 13- track album titled Pa 30 Svingobgwe, in May.

The Midlands-bred singer, who is studying towards a theatre arts honours degree at the University of Zimbabwe, told NewsDay Life & Style that his music aimed to stir critical thinking and social reformation towards Unhu/Ubuntu.

“My music is not titled to any genre, it is not limited to any genre because I appreciate music in terms of colour, movement, speed, shape, texture, amongst other creative elements; a method of music composition formula that I call mam GYoa,” he said

“l can only describe the album Pa 30 Svingobgwe as a project full of grace.”

While he is yet to perform much for the local audience at live concerts, the singer has toured South Africa and China and has also collaborated with seasoned urban groover Leonard Mapfumo on song Moyo Wakachena and Rwiyo Rwangu with Tafadzwa Chinongo.

Mathole, who was one of the DreamStar Zimbabwe Talent show finalists in 2017, said he was expecting more of local and reginal shows and a theatre production titled Tumai and The Dance. 

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