Makandiwa warns Mnangagwa

United Family International Church (UFIC) leader Emmanuel Makandiwa has warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa of an inevitable foreign military intervention in Zimbabwe should there be any more bloodshed reminiscent of last month when about 17 people were shot dead by soldiers.

Addressing thousands of his congregants in Harare yesterday, the charismatic televangelist said political leaders should be wary of unnecessary bloodshed and respect the sanctity of human life.

“If this happens for the third time, it will not be good. We don’t want anything that will provoke the bees (military) from outside. It won’t be our army against civilians,” he said.

“This time they will get an equal opponent, and it is going to be army against army. We don’t want that to happen because where we are now, there’s still a chance.”
Makandiwa also explained his 2010 prophecy, where he said a soldier ran out of bullets while shooting civilians, saying the real interpretation to that was a national secret, where the country’s armoury reserves had actually depleted to low levels and the government was not even aware and not ready, should international security forces be deployed against the country.

Makandiwa also stated that he did not have a close relationship with politicians since they tend to be hostile to men of God when they are supposed to be asking for the wisdom of God.

“If you had a relationship with the current system, you would not come here and complain over issues. What makes the relationship absent is not that, neither they nor I do not want it, but it is because I don’t want to be told (around) what to do,” he said.

“In the relationship, I should be the one telling you because you’re the one who cannot hear from God. I can spend 10 years with you and never tell you a word from God, as long as you like to talk.”

Makandiwa also warned that a third force was likely to interfere in the country’s politics.

“If you’re an outsider, it is easy to give such a prophecy, but when you are here, it is different. And I once said this, (that the) one who is loyal (VP Mnangagwa) will be poisoned. It is not because you want any favour. Prove that it was a terrible prophecy. Don’t go by what I said or how I said it. I am talking about you saying something that even the victim himself was afraid to admit publicly that he was truly poisoned,” Makandiwa said.

“There are times when you clearly deserve to hear the heart of God, not in parables. This is not prophetic, it is an advice. This is already in the public domain, the (British) House of Commons is discussing this alternative already.”

The UFIC leader said it was not too late for the country’s main political leaders to dialogue in the best interests of the nation.

“Unity is recommended at all the times. It does not matter you call it dialogue. From the word go, working together has always been the best option and you need advice towards this,” he said.

Makandiwa also castigated last month’s violent protests that saw goods worth thousands of dollars going up in smoke and ultimately driving away potential investors.

“You cannot be looting from your own neighbours and friends after they spent their hard-earned money to stock. If you say the government is evil, how much more evil are you when you loot from your own?” he asked.

“There is no serious investor coming into Zimbabwe with such an attitude. If you are here and want to do something for the nation in the future, when you get to the position, do it with all your best.”

Makandiwa also called on soldiers to move back to the barracks and let a properly-equipped Zimbabwe Republic Police carry out law and order duties without undue influence.



  1. I hope Makandiwa’s comments have not been twisted by these publications as they often seem to enjoy twisting individual’s comments. I am also hapy that he is also said to have clarified that his comments were not prophetic which fact I would also agree with. These are facts we have mentioned in this very same commentary box of newsday that the western powers are looking for a pretext to intervene militarily in zimbabwe but solely for their own economic and geopolitical interests. Google this headline from the newsday: ” Mnangagwa Must Resign Or Face Humiliation, Chamisa Says,” and you read the comments from the readers of the publication and look for Farai J Nhire’s comments. The discussion of that issue in the house of comons has happened since the term of Tonny Blair and they were not brave enough to attack. I also have very bad news for the british because if they try any military tricks, they will find themselves confronting someone much more powerful than themselves. Ed is not alone.

  2. you an ediot so you think the russians and chinese will side with your rusty tanks after duping the of the mining concessions.

    1. If you cant understand the message just shut your mouth… unless you`re God

  3. Ane nzeve ngaanzwe!
    Apa Newsday you said it as was said.

  4. He is now prefering to explicitly say its not a prophecy so that perhaps the authorities may listen. If he says prophecy you never listen check the whole youtube video on 7:30-7:40. This is his way on getting to your level of understanding. This man knows what he is talking about, underestimate his word at your own peril.

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