Losing councillor gets nod to initiate twinning deals


Government has set in motion an urban councils twinning initiative which will see councils benefit from cities in developed countries by engaging a United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean in a bid to improve service delivery.

The initiative, which follows an initial agreement made between the City of Harare and Nottingham City in England, is the brainchild of Trusty Gushure who last year contested council elections in Sunningdale on a Zanu PF ticket.

Gushure lost the elections and is carrying forward what he had planned, a move that has seen government warming up to the idea.

In a letter, Local Government minister July Moyo acknowledged Gushure’s project and directed local authorities to work with him in an endeavour which would see them receiving equipment and guidance on running the cities, among other issues.

“Mr Gushure is an international business ambassador for the City of Nottingham and chairman of Equity Fairness Commission in England. Among the issues of economic co-operation discussed with him, topical was the development of relations through twinning with various cities,” part of the letter from Moyo read.

Moyo said Gushure’s project was a step in the right direction, would counter the deteriorating standards of service delivery in local councils.

“Pursuant to a meeting held at my office with Mr Trusty S Gushure, he expressed a keen interest in working with various local authorities to bring awareness to them regarding the benefits of twinning with other local authorities in other countries.

“I am receptive to his initiative to hold seminars so as to bring awareness of the benefits of twinning. It is my desire that you will give him all the support he needs,” Moyo wrote.

In seeking audience with the ministry through a letter, Gushure had expressed keen interest to serve his country and to assist councils.

“I would like to be given authority by the minister and your ministry to twin all cities and towns with cities and towns in Europe and globally. Twinning would enable changes in the local authorities and service delivery to be improved,” Gushure  said in a letter to the minister.

Prior to elections, Gushure had made clear his intentions to ensure that urban councils adopt a functional standard of governance as service delivery continues to deteriorate in most local authorities.

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