Knives out for Blaqs over Magate video


AWARD-winning videographer Vusa Blaqs has come under fire for creating what some sections of music fans and promoters have described as a substandard video for dancehall chanter Enzo Ishal’s Magate song.

Popular raunchy dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda had made the video popular before its official release, after posting videos of her dancing to the song, but when the official video was finally dropped on Monday, fans had mixed reaction to it.

The majority of the showbiz followers are of the view that Bev had done better than what the dancer in the video, Kikky Badass, did.

Tannia Ngwena, of Jungle Entertainment, the content distributers of Chillspot Records, said Blaqs had done a substandard job which is bad for the culture and also for continuity and consistency of a producer.

“Zimbabwean videos can do better, especially Blaqs. He could have done better than what he just did with Magate. We need better concepts, better ideas. We can’t have a director who does well with other videos and do badly with others,” she said.

“Blaqs is letting the culture down with such work, this is not how a culture goes international, as an industry we cannot make a cultural impact if we produce such work. Now I have to submit such a bad video to Trace Africa and other international platforms and I know they will complain on the standards.”

Ngwena also urged artists to invest money in their work and also directors to be creative in all situations.

“The Magate video might have been affected by budget constraints, I don’t know what Blaqs and Chillspot Records (Enzo Ishal’s management team) agreed upon on the budget, but I know Blaqs could have done better with whatever budget presented to him,” she said.

“It does not need a big budget to be creative, you don’t need loads of money to think outside the box. Zimbabwe needs creative directors not cameramen.”

In defence of his works, Blaqs told NewsDay Life & Style that he does not need to explain his art to anyone.

“Art should be boring and be explained. I welcome what everyone is saying, but you should know that everything I do, I do it to create a conversation. Music videos are different from documentaries. They have to create conversations like now,” he

“I hear people saying the dancer Kikky Badass did not dance as expected, but I have a problem with the same people who criticise you if you create obscene visuals and they also complain if you maintain decency.”

Blaqs said he understood his market and there was a huge part of his market that is in love with the latest Magate video.

“My target for Magate video is the everyday person in the streets of the ghetto and not the people who are saying a lot on social media,” he said.

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