Imbube genre slowly gaining ground

Ukukhanya Kwezwe group


ONE of the Men of Influence members, Mthandazo Nyoni, said the imbube genre was gaining popularity in Bulawayo and is slowly getting the limelight, drawing full houses at concerts when compared to the past.

In an interview with NewsDay Life &Style, Nyoni said the artistes had been promoting and marketing their music through formation of associations such as the Rise Up Chothoza Mfana.

“The imbube genre has faced many challenges similar to what other local imbube groups face, chief among them lack of promoters as well as support from people, but changes are seen with regard to media coverage and the introduction of awards,” he said.

“Imbube genre is now highly appreciated by the people. It’s being listened to by all age groups. The music genre is getting more recognition than ever before.”

Nyoni said all imbube groups in Bulawayo have taken it upon themselves to promote the genre through concerts.

“I would like to demystify the notion that imbube music is for Ndebele-speaking people. No, the genre cuts across all tribes and races. I believe there are Shona or Kalanga-speaking people who love imbube to the core,” he said. ads Ads

Despite the challenges faced, Nyoni said the genre will not die and the future was bright for the genre.

“The future for this genre is bright. We have got support throughout the world. We are thankful to all our radio stations in Zimbabwe for the unwavering support they continue giving us,” he said.

Ukukhanya Kwezwe’s composer and lead singer, Mayibongweinkosi Madihwa, also shared the same sentiments, saying the genre was slowly gaining ground.

“People now get to see the works of Chothoza even in radio stations. This keeps motivating us and we aim to work hard to keep the genre going,” he said.

“We look forward for something bigger this year, like powerful events in different places because we now have a lot of followers. We are now able to fill up Bulawayo Theatre and that is a milestone to us. We have come a long way and we have our Facebook page where we keep our fans updated.”

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