Gweru to slash crops

Gweru town clerk Elizabeth Gwatipedza


GWERU City Council has warned residents cultivating on undesignated land that the local authority would slash their crops as their activities were damaging the drainage systems.

Town clerk Elizabeth Gwatipedza said residents interested in farming should approach the council so they are allocated land on designated sites.

She said people farming on illegal points were also destroying pegs at council’s residential and commercial stands.

“The City of Gweru has observed that its drainage infrastructure is suffering damage and poor functionality due to unlawful farming activities by residents,” Gwatipedza said last week.

“In addition, some farming activities in pegged areas are resulting in the destruction of pegs placed in new council housing and industrial development sites.”

She said the council was facing difficulties in locating stands for buyers as a result of illegal farming activities.

In 2017, the municipal police confiscated tools, fertiliser and seed from residents farming on undesignated points.

During the same year, excess run-off water from poor maintenance of the drainage system resulted in houses in most high-density suburbs flooding, with some residents losing property.

Excess storm water has also led to burst sewage pipes in the past.