Govt unfazed by EU sanctions threat


Government yesterday said it was not worried by the threat from the European Union (EU) Parliament to tighten sanctions against the President Emmerson Mnangagwa-led administration, insisting that they will stick with their all-weather friends, China and Russia.

Last week, the EU said it was not pleased with developments in the country and accused Mnangagwa of indicating left while turning right as regards his earlier pledge to reform local politics. The EU lifted most of its restrictions in 2014, but has maintained sanctions against former President Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace.
Mnangagwa, along with Mugabe and Grace are among the 141 individuals and entities under United States sanctions.

In an interview yesterday, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services deputy minister Energy Mutodi said the EU is getting its influence from Britain. He accused Britain of working with the opposition.

“The government is fully aware who is influencing the EU,” Mutodi said. “Far from the demonstrations and the alleged human rights abuses, the EU is under pressure from
Britain to maintain sanctions against Zimbabwe. The British government under Theresa May has shown confusion as to who to support in Zimbabwe between the government and the opposition.

“They started well with ambassador (Catriona) Laing, but now with the coming of the new ambassador, the British are singing a new tune and have been issuing retrogressive
statements. However, we are clear as government that we will not tolerate those who don’t tolerate us; we will not reciprocate with love, where there is no love.”

Mutodi said the government will stick to its usual backers.

“We will work with Russia and China for our economic success.

“The British and the EU can work with the opposition and hope that it will one day come to power, but as of now we are the government. It takes two to tango so there will be no engagement with hostile and racist nations. We are a sovereign country and that must be respected.”

The sanctions are most likely to deal a heavy blow to Mnangagwa’s re-engagement efforts.

Mnangagwa at the weekend, however, pleaded with the international community to lift the sanctions, saying they were hurting ordinary Zimbabweans. This is despite him declaring that sanctions should not be used as a scapegoat to corruption and bad governance, when he was campaigning for the 2018 general elections.


  1. Yes that is very correct Mr Mutodi. We cannot be friends with raicists and hypocrites. We have now, the chinese in our corner who are now the world’s economy number one who are also being antagonised by the americans. We also have Russia, the military giant number one in our corner as well. Both nations have raised their ties to Zimbabwe to strategic level which have seen them offering military and security aid to our country. They are also veto wielding permanent members of the united nations security council. Hatichada kungogarotyiswa nezvisipo. We are a soveregn nation and are blessed with good land and plenty of natural resources.

    1. Zvipiko zvamunotaura apa…… kutyiswa naniko mhondi dzevanhu imi. Cant you see how evil you are and more hypocrite you are than the British? Making your own people flee their fatherland because of misrule by you. then pidigu,, heeee maBritish heee what what.. Nyaraiwo mhani. Minda zvamakatora and its now close to 2 decades chabuda hapana. Mari yamuno waster kutenga silly luxurious stuff dai makaita invest in agriculture hanty tingadai tichiguta. Ko why waste mari ne ma campaigns imi much rigger futi.. your reasoning iri childish and ungodly. You need God to help you guys

      1. Ko iwe munda wakaregerei kutora? Kutya maBiritishi ako! Manje muchakaura nemasanctions acho asingasarudzi! BUT IT’S LIKE KUPURURUDZA KUDIRA JECHA MUUPFU HUCHABIKISA SADZA RAUCHADYA NEWEVO! What level of idiocy is that?

        1. Takatokaura tikafa nechekare muhunhapwa hwamunoita vana veZimbabwe zvekuti hatichatya.Imi naana Mutodi wenyu muri muhupfumi parizvino ndimi muri kutya masanctions hence you are making lot of noise.

    2. So you naively believe there no Chinese and Russian sanctions against the ZanuPF regime. In fact the whole world has put you under undeclared sanctions.

    3. If your being “backed” by the Chinese and Russians renders the EU statement a barking by a little puppy, then why are you screaming and whimpering to death in response to it?

  2. Zimbabwe can still do without the EU. As a country we have the 60 plus minerals, good agricultural land, water, good climate and manpower. What we need to do is to unite as a nation and produce adequate food to feed the nation. When we unite, the EU will end up looking to us for raw materials for their industries, at that level we will have a bargaining power.China and Russia which stood with Zimbabwe during the liberation struggle as well as voting in support of Zimbabwe at UN Security Council meetings.

  3. SOOOOOO, we are back to the barking days of RG!! LOL, imwi muchamhanyiswa nevanhu vanenzara imwi!!!

  4. It’s obvious that someone has sleepless nights and tries to put a brave face in the day. All the shopping trips to Eu-rope have been dealt a big blow

  5. There’s an old joke that a mother went to a soldiers’ parade where her son was on the parade – as they were marching, one-two, one-two, one-two the mother piped up, “They are ALL out of step except my son”. Everyone one else was wrong except her son! This is precisely what the junta is doing – that it is right and everyone else is wrong.
    Much more stringent sanctions should be imposed. There should not be any let up against the junta.

  6. Vanamusona misoro izere mvura. Those sanctions you are crying for arikutokaurisa iwewe already kwete Ed. Kupusa kunge wiza inorwa ichizvidimbura makumbo.

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