Editorial Comment: Zim on its own after UK ditches it

Editorial Comment

BRITAIN, Zimbabwe’s only most promising ally in its quest to re-join the Commonwealth and pay arrears to international financial institutions says it will not be supporting Harare following the brutal crackdown on protesters by security forces and government’s continued disregard for civil liberties.   

The British are actually considering placing more sanctions on Zimbabwe and cutting aid to the southern African country. 

The re-engangement agenda can effectively be declared dead in the water, all because government refuses to listen to its people. 

The people of Zimbabwe are not asking for much or anything out of the ordinary. 

All they ask for is to be able to have a shot at living a decent life.      

With costs of basics such as bread and soft drinks rising daily, the cost of living is increasingly going beyond the reach of many. 

Schools are understaffed, morale in the public service is at its lowest, industry which is without raw materials is on the brink of collapse and hospitals too are also without essentials. 

A lot of health institutions have had to suspend what would ordinarily be routine procedures and people are dying as a result.   

The country is slowly being taken back decades in history. 

As all this happens, government refuses to shoulder responsibility choosing instead to lay the blame on Western countries, the private media and non-governmental organisations.   

It is time President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his government admitted that their policies and approach do not bode well with progressive thinking. 

Against all logic, government still chooses to retain central control of the economy, dictating how foreign currency is allocated which has resulted in pricing distortions throughout the market.        

Again we hear that Ministry of Industry officials are holding meetings with bakers to intervene in the pricing of bread, following a recent price hike which has seen a loaf of bread now retailing for $2,50. Bakers cite rising costs of production as well as inaccessibility of foreign currency. The other time it was National Foods, then the next month it was Delta.

This has become an all too familiar scenario as government attempts piecemeal solutions to manage a crisis with roots that run deep.  

The economy is in distress and the base can no longer hold.  We desperately require an urgent bailout to jump-start industry which is starved of capital and to address the currency crisis which has paralysed the economy.

We cannot afford any further isolation. 

 It is high time that government displayed its sincerity in taking the country forward. 


  1. Proudly Zimbabwean

    Sanctions will affect the general people…. anyone sincere about Zim should bring solutions not punishment. It all affect the general public. maSanctions will not bring medicines, but will worsen the situation. This is not news to celebrate but should worry us all. The presidium will go to better hospitals in other countries, please please no sanctions, no punishment we need solutions.

  2. I wonder which country this analyst or commentator lives in! What new crisis is he talking about which needs special asistance from Uk? My view regarding our situation is that 2008 is the worst we ever experienced and now it’s not anywhere close to that and the combination of Mthuli, Mohadi, Chiwenga and Ed is like a match made in heaven as far as the solution to our economic woes are concerned. Here we have a team which decided to tackle our problems head on after an acurate and realistic diagnosis by our learned and experienced professor. Those always painting a bleak picture of our economy do not have any statistics about our fiscus and the direction those statics are taking as they respond to the necessary austerity measures we have embarked on! It’s just a mater of disouraging, misinforming, barking and waffling. Who said Uk and commonwealth is the only solution to our economy? Was China , now the best performing economy of this world, ever a member of commonwealth? Shame.

    1. I think Farai you are missing the point.Its not merely a matter of joining the commonwealth or something but the decissions being made with regards to human rights. I for starters do not support looting, violence and vandalism but I feel there was a better way to deal with the issue without having to invite the army. We need decisions that will not frighten people but rather those that will make people to have confidence in our government.

  3. It would be either misguided or simple ignorance or both to proffer that UK was intended to be Zim’s ally in the so-called re-engagement process.In a fiercely competitive world for both resources and influence, what would be in it for UK, of all countries, to fight in Zim’s corner? It should be fairly common knowledge now,to those with discerning minds, that what the UK as well as other countries need is a thoroughly-drained Zim which present easy pickings for posssible investment in virtually every sector in the country.While, admittedly so, more can be done to smoothen both the political and economic theatre in nthe country, this would have to be an entirely inward-driven process by dedicated and selfless persons in positions of leadership. Like the honest US bluntly told us that whatever normalisation of relations would be premised on, among other things, a re-visit to the land reforms, economic and political reforms to be able to give their economic actors a strong grip ON ZIM’s resources.It’s as simple as that. There is simply no room for “free lunches” in this day and era.The UK,US,China etc using all tricks in the book. are all tightening their grip on the resources of developing countries.Across the Zambezi to the north, the Chinese have virtually taken control of all the economic levers of the country at the expense of the locals.In short, Zimbos should lead and write their own narrative through unity of purpose and undivided focus.The UK and others have never and will never lead our cause.Like Trump correctly put it, America first.Let’s wake up and smell the coffee

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