Don’t lose heart just keep fired up!

What can stop you from becoming what you should be? What could be the possible hinderance? Whether the reasons are justified or not, the amazing truth still remains; that where you are is not your permanent position.

You were made for something bigger. You can scale the dizzy heights.

You were born to soar like an eagle, and to go beyond the blue sky. That’s the real you.

“You have power within, but the secret of success is to employ your power and talents and be prepared for the opportunity when it comes,” Walter Matthews once noted.

A lot of opportunities will come your way. Don’t let them pass through your fingers. Don’t be left out. Go for them.

Land in another dimension. Gear up. Chart the roadmap to your success because you are able and have the potential to shoot to prominence. Why do you focus on your current grief? Why do you murmur? Why do you feel discouraged?

When you can take advantage of your positive vibe, your low state is not your complete true picture. Your real true picture is currently in the invisible chamber of life

Life has lows and highs; that’s the gist of the matter. Face it.

Thrush out all negatives. Resuscitate your inspiration to aspire for the bigger things again.

Never watch your cow being roasted at a robber’s party while you stand gazing, without taking action. Claim your part. Possess your possessions.

Adjust your position in your seat. Shift your chair so that you can see properly, for that’s what life sometimes demands.

It is just how life sometimes is. Some days in life maybe wonderful to some and disappointing to others. You can’t change it, it is always like that.

Nature can’t be changed. It is a life principle that you must live with and adhere to. Life is not a plain sailing game.

Sometimes you peruse through a tough and bad patch. Never mind. Keep rolling and rumbling. Don’t stop.

You must enjoy it. Love and embrace it, because if you don’t accept it, it will be like venturing into an impossible mission. A real proverbial deep end. One that has a capacity
to leave you with tattered memories. So what is the issue now?

You may not be appreciated, but keep fired up

The issue is that, no matter how good you maybe, some people won’t appreciate all your efforts. To them, the effort you apply is like unapplied effort and all the good things
that you did, with some deserving a “thank you”, may pass unobserved.

Instead, you receive disturbing negativities. But even if all of this is thrown your way, don’t throw in the towel. Don’t give up doing good. You were created just to be you, and you alone.

“Remember”, “a merciful man doeth good to his own soul, and he that is cruel troubleth his own flesh,” (Proverbs 11:17).

Consider this story

A story is told of a man who saw a snake that had fallen into the fire. Seeing the snake fighting for its dear life, the man thought of rescuing it. He took his hand and pulled it out.

Surprisingly, soon after the snake was out of the dangerous fire, it bit him.

The man released it, falling back again into the enduring flames. With his undying love, he did not give up. This time, he took a stick as he just wanted to help this reptile out even though he was in pain.

Interestingly, all this was happening in the full view of another man. What this man had seen surprised him. So this man went to seek clarification over this eye-catching

The man asked: “Why did you take that snake out of the fire, clearly knowing that it was going to bite you?”

In response to this question, this rescuer said: “It is the nature of the snake to bite, no matter what good has been done to it. However it is also my nature to be good no matter what has been done to me.”


Don’t tire to do good. Keep doing that because you are able. Don’t lose sleep when it comes to being kind-hearted.

Keep doing good for you were deposited with goodness in you. The sun may go down along the way, but don’t stop moving because you are now in the darkness.

Keep shining. Keep bubbling. Why let circumstances pull you down? You are much stronger, more powerful and far much better than you think.

Cruise your way through the terrain of life’s mountains. You are an all-terrain vehicle. Nothing can stop you and no road is ever too bad for you. You are able; keep moving and
don’t park at the bus stop. Rise up and drive away.

Don’t let anyone pull you down with their angry, annoying thread. This is your hour to flourish. It can be done. Be blessed.

Steve Nyambe is a motivational speaker and leadership coach. He can be contacted on +263 784 583 761 or email:

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