Chiwenga under fire over India trip


VICE-PRESIDENT Constantino Chiwenga’s regular visits to foreign hospitals have drawn renewed fire from hard-pressed Zimbabweans, who yesterday called on President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government to properly fund the local health delivery system and ensure all leaders seek treatment at home and serve on foreign currency.

This comes amid reports that Chiwenga was last week flown to India where he reportedly underwent a minor abdominal surgery, shortly after visiting a South African hospital over an undisclosed ailment – all at the expense of the taxpayer.

Last week, Zimbabweans living in South Africa picketed at a hospital in Cape Town, where he was suspected to have been receiving treatment.

Following the protests, Chiwenga made a cameo appearance at Cabinet and on ZBC before being airlifted to India.

On Sunday, Information deputy minister Energy Mutodi tweeted that Chiwenga was recuperating in India.

“The Hon Vice-President CDN Chiwenga is recovering well from some minor abdominal ailment in Delhi, India,” he tweeted.

Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) spokesperson Fortune Nyamande said, while it was Chiwenga’s right to access treatment in India, the fact that he did not seek medical attention locally was a vote-of-no-confidence in the local health delivery system.

“We don’t have the finer details on whether or not the ailment could be treated locally or not, so in that aspect we cannot comment except to say that had he accessed treatment locally, it would have saved resources and also show confidence in the health delivery system,” he said.

“It shows that there should be more investment in the health sector, especially in surgical operations and management of critical health problems. We believe we have adequate human resources to deal with these matters,” he said.

Jacob Mafume, spokesperson of the main opposition MDC also said, while he wished Chiwengas a speedy recovery, the party called on government to invest more in the health delivery system.

“It then underscores the need for the nation to invest in health systems as you know we are all human beings; poor health affects everyone, it affects the top of our society, it affects those at the bottom of our society and indeed those are the ones that are affected by our decisions as leaders,” he said.

“We need our hospitals to be up to scratch, we cannot visit our hospitals when we want to sweep them, when we want to remove dirt, those hospitals need to be equipped to have doctors, they need to have nurses,” he said.

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  1. Dzimwe News so…. ayaz

  2. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

    This newsday paper is becoming the most divider of this nation than anything else. Why dont you just say things as they are other than to potray your thinking and that of mafume as the thinking of the nation? After all why dont you consult first with other institutions and get facts as to why the VP went to India for treatment. What is wrong if someone is referred to another country by a specialist? It is only wrong because VP Chiwenga is a ZANU PF member? Why didn’t you complain when the late Mr Tsvangirayi was referred to South Africa for treatment? Please stop diving this nation. We know you are making your family happy by dirty money but God is watching you. Mafume should learn to stop commenting on everything for the sake of it. At least you wished your fellow Zimbabwean a quick recovery, that is good showing of ‘hunhu/ubuntu’.

  3. Trevor Ncube-You were firm on qualityfrom your days in the UZ SRC, as well as helmship of the then PF ZAPU.Partisan politics aside, please whip your boys into line.The readership needs quality news, well researched and analysed.This trash does not and will never promote that ideal of quality.Put your house in order Trevor

  4. Heto heto ,Lido Lido,Huma Huma.

    The readership is actually enjoying every bit of news from this paper.Idiots like Simbi are used to the Herald that can tell you that the sky is black when we all know that it is blue.They are used to half baked truths.This was really news worthy because it exposes the regime for what it is.The fact that the zanu pf govt had to charter a plane for Chiwenga to India for medicals is enough proof that they dont trust their own medical facilities which they want every other poor Zimbabwean to go to for medicals.Besides it is the poor citizen’s tax that is funding all these useless airborne missions.So the Chiwengas of this world should not die of diseases,but the poor people who are funding his medicals must?My foot!Mangarayi and like minded zombies should know that Tsvangirayi had to seek treatment out of Zim becuase the hospitals had been run down by your beloved ZANU pf Mafia government and besides Tsvangirayi did not ask for the tax opayer’s money.With idiots like Mangarayi and company the country will never move forward.

  5. Kufa hapana anehanya naye kana imbwa handzina futinxaaa.

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