Chamisa snubs ED talks


OPPOSITION MDC leader Nelson Chamisa (pictured) yesterday snubbed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s national dialogue meeting at State House, saying the process was a flawed public relations stunt meant to appease the international community, instead of resolving the political and economic crisis in the country.

Mnangagwa, who won a disputed presidential poll in July last year, invited all 23 politicians who contested the presidential election to a meeting yesterday to draw up terms for a national dialogue, but Chamisa, who leads the main opposition party in the country, said the call was meant to hoodwink the international community following a brutal crackdown on protesters by security forces which killed 17 and left hundreds nursing injuries, including gunshot wounds.

Chamisa maintains that he won the July 31 election and calls Mnangagwa illegitimate.

He told NewsDay that he was still open to dialogue if his opponent showed a “genuine desire” to end the political and economic crisis.

“The real dialogue that we are supposed to have as a nation has not started, not these games. We have a political crisis arising out of a disputed and rigged presidential election result in Zimbabwe. The presidency is disputed. We need genuine dialogue under a credible convener and mediator to solve this crisis. Stop citizen abuses, beatings and arrests,” he said.

The opposition leader said Mnangagwa was treating him like a toddler.

“Mr Mnangagwa and his colleagues are making a mistake of thinking that he is talking to just a 41-year-old. When he is engaging me, he is talking to 2,6 million voices. So, in my voice, there are 2,6 million voices of Zimbabweans and he should not expect to meet with them because they will not, they have sent me,” he said.

“Mr Mnangagwa is party to this dispute. He, therefore, cannot chair a meeting where the complaints are against him.”

MDC officials said they believed that Mnangagwa had called for dialogue ahead of the Africa Union summit to avoid possible criticism from the continental bloc, which is reportedly worried about the unfolding events in Harare.

“Just last week, Presidential spokesperson George Charamba was on record saying they don’t want talks, but all of a sudden, they want
national dialogue ahead of the AU summit and at a time the United Kingdom is now considering fresh sanctions. These are not genuine talks, it’s PR,” an official said.

Chamisa’s spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda said there were many things wrong about the talks, which included the venue, the chairperson and victimisation of the party.

“We can’t, in all honesty, send president Chamisa to State House. When you call for dialogue, you discuss with equals and that should be reflected on how this is handled. The short notice, the shifting of venue and dates will show you this is not about talks, but a power game and we are not interested in those games,” Sibanda said.

The National Patriotic Front (NPF), which is represented in Parliament by Masango Matambanadzo, also snubbed the talks, calling on Mnangagwa to first stop the alleged victimisation of party leaders.

“As a party, our deputy national commissar, Jim Kunaka, and our Mashonaland central chairperson Dickson Mafios are languishing in prison as political prisoners.

Several high-ranking officials skipped the borders running away from State security agents hunting them as if they are common criminals … We believe as a party that dialogue aimed at extricating our country from the current mess must be facilitated and guaranteed by an international body given powers to superintend over implementation of any agreement,” NPF said.

The Platform for Concerned Citizens (PCC), jointly convened by academics, Ibbo Mandaza and Tony Reeler, said Zimbabwe could only navigate from its current crisis through a people-driven dialogue, where several topical issues would be discussed.

“Zimbabwe is a more divided country than at any time since Independence,” the PCC said in a statement.

“Virtually, every church grouping, civil society, and a number of international organisations have called for a national dialogue. The call for an inclusive, national dialogue has been made since November 2017. The only way in which the current crisis can be resolved is through a nationally-owned and nationally-driven comprehensive dialogue.”

PCC said there was evidence that the Constitution was violated and that there was need to restore the rule of law in the country.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) said the meeting called by Mnangagwa was exclusionary and against the spirit of promoting national dialogue.

CiZC said a national dialogue process must never be restricted to political parties, but should rather bring on board a cross section of stakeholders that include civic society, labour, women, youth, person living disabilities, farmers, media, students, the diaspora, religious groups and business among other critical stakeholders.

“Restricting the dialogue process to political parties will only create a political pact that excludes the concerns of ordinary citizens,” CiZC said.

Among the candidates who took part in last year’s presidential poll include former Vice-President Joice Mujuru of the People’s Rainbow Coalition, former Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe of the MDC-T and little-known aspirants, Melbah Dzapasi of #1980 Freedom Movement Zimbabwe and Violet Mariyacha of United Democratic Movement.

The other candidates included Noah Manyika of Build Zimbabwe Alliance, Joseph Busha of Free Zim Congress, Blessing Kasiyamhuru of ZIPP, Brian Mteki an independent, Lovemore Madhuku of NCA and Nkosana Moyo of Alliance for the People’s Agenda.


  1. An excuse is a guarded lie!
    When shall we learn to be candid enough to say what we are after?
    No foreigner will ever fix Zimbabwe .

  2. Dialogue yadirwa majecha!

  3. Chamisa ndiye problem muzim you want pple to worship you. U think zvako ndozviri right . Why cant u respect us man. Enda unotaura nevamwe ndenga risisati ratsvamwa. Iwe why uchitaura zvana international community . Unotengesa nyika nemari . Nyika yakarwirwa uye Mwari haade vatengesi.

    1. Munochemei nhai imi, inga vana Manyika, Nkosana Moyo nana Bryn Mteki vakanga variko. Mungaridza mhere nekuti munhu mumwe chete and asina kukwana haana kuuya. Garai pasi muchimwa tea nevanoda kutaura nemi.

    2. Nyatsimba Mutota

      Why do you need Chamisa to solve Zim problems? You have realised that you cannot move the nation without him after you rigged the 2018 elections. If Thokozani Khupe had not attended mungadai makanyarara kuti ziii. We need a proper national dialogue. Also ZANU must just stop this nonsense of unleashing terror on citizens.Seriously you dont need national dialogue to stop deploying soldiers into the streets to kill citizens. With or without national dialogue ZANU shld be seen trying to solve the problems we are facing as a nation rather than worsening them.

  4. Most of these presidential candidates are Zanu PF brewed and were meat to just blot the bullot paper with junk we know that. Imagine what happens when those same people are part of the dialogue when some of them did not get even a hundred votes

  5. Zvachamisa here haasi kuona kuti ari kupera relevence bit by bit.

    Come 2023 ZANU PF will make sure there are as many political parties as possible contesting in case Chamisa is planning to boycott the elections.

    Evidence yekuti you won the 2018 elections hauna you even failed to field agents in some poling stations.

    It seems your secrete weapon you have been bragging about organizing demos, and barking so loud to attract attention and sympathy from westerners.

    Don’t be a toothless bull dog Nero, if you really have the teeth to bite prove your self otherwise you are now making unnecessary noise and you might find your self as a political nuisance in the not so long future of Zim politics.

    In it is saddening that some people would like to strive on lies as is happening in most social media news, once the truth comes out the number of sympathizers and followers will fall.

    I don’t hate you Nero all we are asking of you is to man up, its either you use you use your secret weapon as promised or you let got to allow progress in Zim.

    I have come to understand why you and your colleagues always argue so much, you are a group of so many lawyers (allow me to say liars if you don’t mind). Lawyers don’t about the truth they help the guilty go Scott free.

    Please try to look at the Zim situation differently from the way you look at court cases.

    1. Zviri kukurwadzaika kuti he did not buy that foolish PR stunt? You are so used to lying with straight faces and taking us for granted, but now you see someone who can stand up to you and like the devils that you are, you respond with violence in your words. Shame on you. Watch and see what will happen if Nero is not in the dialogue matrix. Do you think all the 2,6 million who voted for him will buy the tired ZANU lies? Keep on dream brother, because you are good at it.

  6. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

    I think this fool must be ignored totally. He dont even deserve mentioning anywhere. I am not surprised about this behavior by the goon because he is just singing for supper from his handlers. Surely people should by now seeing that this person is a psychiatric patient. Whom does he want to please by not attending and whom is he fixing?

    1. You cannot just wish away Chamisa like that. It shows your political immaturity. 2.6 million men and women that voted for him is not a small number.

      1. they voted for him thinking that he is mature but what he is doing now i think its wrong lets put people first and our agendas last

  7. Majecha-Sibanda

    were the protesters just shot at without an action against the peaceful Zim? Chamisa uri doti chairo because you hide behind your finger not being candid to say Protesters were wrong. Enda unotaura nevamwe iwe cry baby

    1. Muchachema chete. Why do you want Chamisa if he is that? Go ahead with your dialogue, since you claim to have won the elections genuinely. Mati madiiko henyu? Munongooneka ne uncouth language yenyu maZANU kuti hapana kwamunoenda. You only know violence and

  8. Chamisa ari right, ma points avarikutaura anehuremu. Mnangagwa can’t chair iye ari interested party. Controversy inechekuita naye saka panoda neutral person who can chair especially the Church can chair these dialoge.

  9. Magwadziwa naChamisa ka? Your comments arikuratidza kugwadziwa kukukuru.

  10. Looking at the video there was NO dialogue Chamisa is correct to snub the so called dialogue. Mnangagwa did the talking and is pushing the zanu pf plot. in a dialogue people have to raise their point and its debated on and NOT one person giving his vision/point
    from my side the whole meeting was more like a zanu pf politburo gathering and NOT a national agenda meeting

  11. You have told us that CCC snubbed the meeting, now tell us what transpired there for those who attended. we want to know if the meeting was fruitful or not.

  12. In 2009 the dialogue was mainly centred on ZANU and MDC . these are the parties that formed Inclusive govt due to their representation in Parly. I don’t know if any successful dialogue will transpire without MDC A and Chamisa. We do not want kindergarten play

  13. Chamisa was just supposed to atend because this was a golden oportunity to say what he thought was the right procedure and whatever misgivings he may have had. You cannot bunk such an important meeting which you yourself have been requesting and then say a lot of negative things through the media. It will not help anything. It may even start to give credence to the opinion that his party has some people pampering it and controlling it from overseas. If Ed said whatever he said in that meeting, he was representing Zanu Pf and we have no evidence that Ed blocked other groups from airing their opinions and grievances.

  14. Nyatsimba Mutota

    Why do you need Chamisa to solve Zim problems? You have realised that you cannot move the nation without him after you rigged the 2018 elections. If Thokozani Khupe had not attended mungadai makanyarara kuti ziii. We need a proper national dialogue. Also ZANU must just stop this nonsense of unleashing terror on citizens.Seriously you dont need national dialogue to stop deploying soldiers into the streets to kill citizens. With or without national dialogue ZANU shld be seen trying to solve the problems we are facing as a nation rather than worsening them.

  15. Maphozho Saruchera

    ED has Chamisa where he wanted him, ED knew the novice opposition political leader would not attend, now wait and see whats about to unfold.

  16. Big up Chamisa days are gone to be taken for a ride if they celebrated during Morgan error, proved to them that you are smart modern young visionally leader. The game is between you and Mr Munangagwa,therefor Mr munangagwa was supose to invite you as the main opposition party leader then you Mr Chamisa extent the invitation to those small parties who dosenot hold any supporty not the other way round.Vana Khupe Madhuku e.t.c. no relevance in a democratic space of zimbabwe politics because they are half ZANU.
    The venue should be neutral, and Munangagwa should not chair the meeting. Recenlty we had Commission of inquiry, which spent thousand of dollars what outcome and recomendation did we get, Big zero. Chakachenjedza ndochakatanga. Chamisa ndeye akabata handbrake here.Go ahead and dialogue if you dont with draw the arym stops brutalisig your brothers and sisters including elders. Chamisa as your name suggest u chamisa zvese steady and relax.


  18. Spare us your empty bravado Chamisa! For how long shall keep blowing hot and cold?
    For your information, this is an all-inclusive engagement but not a tete-a-tete for self-aggrandizement.


  20. Chamisa is now practicing double standards. He was posting on his Twitter handle that he was making efforts to have the dialogue go ahead, but was allegedly being ignored. The reality is that President Mnangagwa opened his door for talks, but Chamisa was growing too big for his shoes and refused to sit down and iron out issues. Chamisa’s hide and seek game does not only hurt people politically, but economically and socially as well.

  21. Some people need to be quick to get the sense of issues. When President Mnangagwa called for dialogue, this had nothing to do with seeking Chamisa’s help for anything. He did it on the background of violence, looting and other criminal activities planned by the opposition to provoke the government and create pretext of military intervention by the western imperial powers even though the opposition disowned the riotters as usual. This is just Ed’s soft way of trying to amicably educate the opposition about the fooly of engaging in criminal activities purpotedly as a way of expressing their grievances. This is just a linient alternative to sending these criminals to where they properly belong. As far as the economy is concerned, we have a genius by the name Mthuli and he will adequately take care of that business without Chamisa’s contribution and things will visibly start ticking as early as July or even earlier.

  22. @Chinos.If you are not the the chinoz in parliament, shame on you for having the exactly mentality.If you can go with the likes of Mteki,Manyika you may keep on and try fix your gorilla economy.You are really making yourself a laughing lot.

  23. Leave Chamisa alone please.l told you last year you can rig the election but the economy never.You were used to sang “kutonga kwaro gamba”.So go ahead and rule the country because you ara rulers not leaders.

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