Callistus Ndlovu dies


SEASONED Zanu PF politician and Bulawayo provincial chairperson, Callistus Ndlovu has died.

He was 83.

Bulawayo Metropolitan Affairs minister, Judith Ncube confirmed yesterday evening that she had been informed of Ndlovu’s death in South Africa.

“We have just received the news of his passing on just now. We are on our way to the family home to find out more,” Ncube said.

Ndlovu, who was suffering from pancreatic cancer, collapsed at his South African home and was rushed to hospital, where he died upon arrival.

Zanu PF national spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo said he was awaiting a full briefing by the party’s Bulawayo provincial leadership.

“I have just heard that Comrade Ndlovu has passed on. As the national leadership, we are awaiting to get finer details from those leaders in Bulawayo and we will then take it from there,” said Moyo, adding that the party would release more details during the course of the week.

Addressing party members who had gathered at Davis Hall in Bulawayo yesterday, Zanu PF provincial secretary for administration Elifas Mashaba said Ndlovu had guided the Bulawayo province and kept it united.

“He went to SA two weeks ago, and was being treated at NetCare’s Pinehaven Hospital for pancreatic cancer that had spread to his liver. He started on chemotherapy on the 8th of February and his birthday was on the 9th,” Mashaba said.

The province said Ndlovu should be accorded national hero status.

Mourners are gathered at Ndlovu’s house in Khumalo, Bulawayo

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  1. In Zimbabwe he has a “House” in Khumalo, but in South Africa he has a “Home”.
    ZAPU is a dying donkey! RIP Baba Ndlovu.

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