Byo author challenges youths in inspirational book

Progress Matunzva


BULAWAYO author Progress Matunzva says her debut book Ignite Your Desire is designed to help people, especially the youths, to live up to their maximum potential.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Matunzva said themes in her book were meant to awaken the hero in readers and help them fight to achieve their goals and dreams, whatever the circumstances.

“The book, Ignite Your Desire, is all about making sure readers understand what it takes to achieve goals and dreams in life. It is my desire to see everyone becoming an achiever, and this prompted me to write the book,” she said.

“It is not about what you have, where you come from, your background or who you know, but it is about your willingness to see your dreams come true and with that, you are good to conquer the world. Without that willingness to accomplish, nothing can be accomplished.”

Part of the inspiration, he said, came after she attended the launch of a political party whose ambition was to contest for the presidency in the July 2018 elections.

“During the launch, I noticed that the party leaders were highly ambitious and talking about possibly winning the elections, but I could tell that they were not going to do well because their actions and expected results were not in match,” she said.

“I noticed the need for that gap between aspirations and reality to be closed, even in the lives of individuals, hence I started writing the book. I hope to see people who will stop at nothing, but the accomplishment of what they set their minds to achieve. I hope to see young people taking charge of their lives and becoming fully responsible for their destinies,” she said.

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