LATEST: Biti fined

MDC Vice Chairperson, Tendai Biti, has been fined $200 or seven days in prison for prematurely announcing the results of the 2018 harmonised elections. For declaring Nelson Chamisa the winner of the election before the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, Biti got a suspended six-month jail term.


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  1. credit must go to the new PG who is ensuring that justice prevails without fear or favor and in case this was an easy case for an judge as there was too much evidence on video ,social media etc lets wait for the final outcome


  2. kana munhu ane mhoswa ngatongwe he is lucky kuti atadza kuvharirwa

  3. Mutemo une nhetemwa. This guy should have been locked up. He is the leader of Jecha and Chamisa chiguyakuya chichingotevera

  4. @Tinei
    unopenga. u have been brainwashed by zanu pf thugish way of thinking to the extend that you can not think alone. what crime has he done in just saying what is written on V11 forms.

  5. Wishes don’t call anyone who loves his country ZANU. l am not ZANU of but am Zimbabwean. l hate those who make their country suffer for political gain. lf it means those who love their country are ZANU and those who hate it are MDC then put me in any category. Some are building others are trying their best to destroy. Hey don’t call for sanctions they are hurting ordinary people. And you keep on saying if the people suffer they will vote for you. Silly.

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