60 new Harare junior councillors sworn-in


SIXTY Harare junior councillors were sworn-in last week for the 2019-2020 period, with Waheed Adams, from St George’s College, as the new junior mayor.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony last Friday, Harare’s Junior Council co-ordinator Itai Dhedheya said the junior councillors were chosen from a vast pool of students who wanted to learn about civic duties.

“Congratulations to the junior councillors for making it through the selection process, which was difficult because we had to choose 60 students from a pool of 600 000,” he said.

“The chosen councillors went on a week-long boot camp, where there was further selection.”

Acting Harare mayor Stewart Mutizwa urged the new junior council to takeover and complete outstanding projects from the previous council.

The outgoing Harare junior mayor Elton Phiri urged the incoming team to build a strong foundation and resilience.

“We worked hard for everything we have achieved and this was through having a strong foundation, required for leadership,” he said.

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