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Why not throw back oranges since you stay in an orchard?


“The purpose of life is to love it, to take experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience,” Eleanor Roosevelt said.


You must learn to love the days you have here on earth, because there are few. With most of them being filled with troubles. The days mustn’t be spent with your eyes fixed on the corridors of self-pity and worry.

A lot of things happen in life. Some good. Some bad. Some exciting, while others disappointing. That’s it. Don’t try to change anything.
You may have people who did you wrong. People who might have said all manner of false things about you.

They may have said real strong words, that can kill a man, so many times before his actual death. You must know that troublesome days will one day knock at your door, but don’t run away. It’s normal don’t be a crybaby, just sing “all is well”.

These are the words which if you think about, you are left torn apart, with your heart oozing and bleeding. You feel unworthy. You fall in the trap of being down and out.

They may craft words so that your influence is left for dead and buried. Those words break your heart and leave your soul disjointed. They leave you devastated.

Don’t be bitter, learn to forgive and forget. Be strong in character like David.

Do you remember this warrior? He is the only man who was called a man after my own heart by God himself. What’s the story about him ?

From the Bible, it is a well known fact that David was hated by Saul. Saul tried all the possible tricks to destroy this wonderful battle architect,
David, but it still failed. No man’s plan can succeed against you if it’s not what God planned for you.

Love your enemies
At one time, David even got the opportunity to kill Saul while there where in the battle. He could have stabbed him to death. How did David choose to handle that case?

Those who were with David, saw it fit to seize opportunity to kill Saul. They thought that was the day that the Lord had put David’s enemy in his hands and he was to do whatever he wanted with him.

What else could have David done, besides killing him? This was a rare and golden opportunity to leave his enemy utterly destroyed.

But because of the great character that David had, he didn’t kill him. Why? Because he knew that power without character is satanic and corrupt.

He never raised his hand against Saul, “the anointed one of the Lord”. He let Saul live. For David knew that when your enemy is hungry, you must feed him. If he is thirsty, give him water to drink. For he knew that the battle wasn’t his, but victory belonged to him to enjoy.

Some time later, when Saul was now dead and forgotten. David had something good for his enemy.

He had a good exit package for his late enemy. Remember, “if you take all enemies and make them your friends in no time you will have no enemies,” said Abraham Lincolin.

The invitation
Mephibosheth came after the invitation by David. He was now in the presence of David.

Remember basing on the political history of Israel, especially the relationship between David and Saul, the invitation appeared like had triggered a hornet’s nest in the eyes of this hopeless young man.

It can not be denied that the young man might have been frightened by this gesture. He might have thought that his time for execution had come.

It was like being invited by one’s enemy to his table. Obviously one would be expecting a revenge, but not with the Christian David. No!
Mephibosheth came as he had been called and “fell on his face and did reverence”.

“And David said unto him, fear not: For I will surely shew thee kindness for Jonathan thy father’s sake, and I will restore all the land of Saul thy father! And you shall eat bread at my table continually,” reads 1 Samuel 9:7.

However, Mephibosheth did not only eat at David’s table, he even enjoyed the benefits of association and restoration. Such is life.

All that once belonged to Saul, his grandfather, was given back to him. Not only that, but even the land and servants were given to this crippled young man.

Life will always revolve in that circle. You will have people who will do you evil. They will stab you in the your back. Remember, there’s a reason for that.

Some will be real thorns in your flesh, but choose to do good anyway. Don’t return evil with evil. You return it with good, and by so doing you attract goodness to your own life.

Remember, David could have focused at the grudge that Saul had for him, thus resulting in him punishing Mephibosheth. But not with David, he chose differently.

He chose to look at it from a different angle. The angle where Jonathan was standing. The angle of hope. The angle of love. The angle of positivity, where he saw it fit to bless Mefibosheth.

No matter how many stones are thrown one’s way. Never throw them back. For stones of evil will be thrown at you. That’s what your enemies will do to you. Don’t throw stones for stones, you will kill many.

Why not throw back oranges, since you stay in an orchard? A tooth for tooth makes all of us toothless. How about an eye for eye won’t it make the whole world blind? What do you think?

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