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LOCAL filmmaker Eddie Ndlovu has challenged players in the industry to be innovative and work with available resources to produce high quality films while awaiting the digitisation programme, which is expected to enhance the country’s film production.


Part of Wenera cast

Ndlovu, who is the executive producer of the popular local high definition soap opera Wenera, told NewsDay Life & Style that film making was a creative enterprise that however required a business approach.

“I have heard many saying they are waiting for digitisation so that they can start working. If you are one of those people, then tough luck… If you are waiting only on the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (to do something), then tough luck. Digitisation will prioritise those who are already in the game,” he said.

“The important thing about this game is not about how good you are in writing a proposal or the film degree or certificate that you possess, it is about who you are, the weight of your name, what you have done not what you intend to do.”

Ndlovu said since the premiere of the soap on ZBC TV in July 2015, he has learnt to ignore negativity, but take important things from the negativity and turn them into positive energy.

“The road has not been that smooth, we had good times, bad times, fights and I got to a point that I wanted to give up on the project not once, not twice, but over four times,” he said.

“The team I work with keeps me going as they have dedicated their lives to this dream from day one. Today the programme has grown and has become part of people’s lives and it is growing beyond Zimbabwe.”

Wenera revolves around the story of the Musodza family, which runs Wenera Diamonds firm, and how the family operates like a mafia, with jealousy, disloyalty and blackmail as a way of life.

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