Innovative ICT solutions for youth employment

Today’s youth face enormous challenges finding jobs and earning a decent income.


Around the world the youth face challenges of unemployment whilst the lucky ones find themselves in low paying and informal sector jobs

When youth struggle at the beginning of their careers the repercussions can last a lifetime. They end up taking any job or income earning opportunity just to survive. That is  why it is imperative that  concrete steps are taken to ensure the youth have meaningful work opportunities related to the studies, passion or dreams.

Rubiem Solutions in partnership with InnovatiHub aims at casting a spotlight on an area that offers promising solutions – digital jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities.

The on-going information technology revolution is transforming established sectors from agriculture to health and creating new ones from micro-work to Apps development.

This requires people with the skills to both use and develop the computer, mobile phone and internet applications that are powering these changes.

The needs span a wide range of skills, from the most basic to very advanced, offering opportunities for people of varying abilities.

Rubiem solutions in partnership with InnovatiHub offer contract jobs for youth who are passionate  in digital solutions development. At InnovatiHub entreprenuers’ business ideas are incubated to commercial services.

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