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ED’s globetrotting won’t resolve Zim’s problems: Mudzuri


MDC vice-president Elias Mudzuri has challenged President Emmerson Mnangagwa to scale down on his foreign jaunts and look for home-grown solutions to the country’s worsening economic woes.

BY Staff Reporter

Mudzuri told NewsDay yesterday that Zimbabwe’s economic challenges could only be resolved locally as the country was endowed with all the required resources, including human capital.

“We have everything that we need as a country to solve all our problems. What is missing is the formula to create the correct solutions for our people,” Mudzuri said.

“Mnangagwa needs to stop searching for solutions in Europe and Asia. He won’t find anything there. Those countries have enough problems of their own to deal with. What he needs to do is to look no further than Zimbabwe if he is genuine and serious about finding lasting solutions for our nation.”

This came as Mnangagwa flew out of the country last night on a week-long tour to Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The trip comes at a time the country is experiencing a gnawing economic meltdown, characterised by shortages and commodities price madness.

Before he left, Mnangagwa hiked the prices of fuel by about 150%, a move that is likely to spark another wave of price hikes.

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba said his boss would sign a lot of economic agreements during his jaunt to the Asian and European countries.

But Mudzuri said: “All the resources, human and natural, are here in Zimbabwe. What are we looking for in other people’s countries? What do we need from them?”

He said Zimbabwe was experiencing an economic precipice because Zanu PF was unwilling to learn from its past mistakes.

“It is impossible to solve a mathematical problem using a wrong formula. You always get a wrong and useless answer. Sadly, Zanu PF keeps repeating same mistakes over again, and expect to get the correct answers each time. It doesn’t work,” the MDC Senator said.

“We cannot continue to run the country by trial and error methods when our people are suffering like this. It’s evil and grossly unfair to all peace-loving Zimbabweans, who only want to move on with their lives after (former President Robert) Mugabe ruined their lives for 37 years.”

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