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DeMbare empire on fire


Accusations of financial misappropriation have torn apart the Dynamos administration, with club president Solomon Sanyamandwe getting the boot.

By Tawanda Tafirenyika

Sanyamandwe is said to have been advised by the board that his position had been abolished.

The move, according to sources, was made following clashes over the club’s handling of finances with board president Bernard Marriot accused of pocketing the bulk of the club’s gate-takings in home matches.

It is said Marriot also helped himself to the sum of $18 000 that was deposited into former DeMbare player Christian Epoupa’s mobile money account by NetOne, with the Cameroonian rejecting the money as he preferred to be paid in foreign currency.

Yesterday, Marriot declined to be drawn into any discussion over the allegations, accusing the media of concentrating on negatives.

He also refuted reports that his board had abolished the post of club president.

On the other hand, Sanyamandwe confirmed having been shown the exit door, but declined to give further details.

Marriot and Sanyamandwe are said to have fallen out over the handling of gate-takings as well as the Epoupa funds.

Last year, Sanyamandwe fired the duo of club secretary Webster Marechera and treasurer Moses Chikwariro before their immediate reinstatement by the board.

The two had been accused of misappropriating the team’s funds, but the matter was not pursued after the two were restored to their positions.

There are allegations that Marriot and Chikwariro are conniving to milk the club of funds, and Sanyamandwe is said to have raised the red flag.

DeMbare endured a difficult season last year, where despite the club getting financial help from NetOne, they still struggled with the team’s winning bonuses.

Their struggles started just before the season started as they lost some of their best players while they failed to compete for good players on the transfer market.

DeMbare eventually lost Epoupa early in the season, while captain Ocean Mushure sat out part of the season as he pressed for his signing-on fees.

Towards the end of the season, the club also suspended the quartet of Obey Mwerahari, Kingston Nkhatha, Peace Makaha and Marshall Machazane, who were accused of leading a revolt over non-payment of some of their dues.

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  1. thats why these guys refuse to relinguish power because of the dirty hands and we cannot be blessed with a coach of our liking cause they want to keep dead wood who can dance to their tune whilst cooking financial books to their advantage now we know its dirty things taking place, where is the police there is a case here.

  2. This is the beginning, the worst is yet to come. AS A dynamos HATER, AM VERY HAPPY TO PERUSE THE ARTICLE. DYNAMOS MUST DIE!!!

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