Cornered ED goes after killer soldiers

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has succumbed to pressure from local and international human rights groups to rein in killer soldiers, and yesterday appointed a 10-member inter-ministerial taskforce to further investigate the military’s excesses in line with recommendations by the Kgalema Motlanthe-led commission of inquiry into the August 1, 2018 fatal shootings.


This comes as South Africa’s opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane has threatened to jet into Zimbabwe soon to compile a human rights abuse dossier against Mnangagwa and hand it over to the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

The Motlanthe Commission recommended that government investigates the individuals linked to the fatal shooting of six unarmed civilians in the August 1 post-election violence.

The commission also recommended that the country engages in a national dialogue to speed healing.

The setting up of the taskforce comes on the backdrop of an ongoing brutal military crackdown, which has left 12 civilians dead, with over 70 others nursing gunshot injuries following a recent violent mass protest.

In a statement yesterday, the Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services ministry said: “In this regard, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has established an inter-ministerial taskforce to address issues arising from the reports by the 2018 harmonised election observer missions as well as the findings of the Motlanthe Commission.” Ads

The taskforce will be chaired by Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi, who will be deputised by his Foreign Affairs counterpart Sibusiso Moyo.

Other members of the taskforce will be ministers Monica Mutsvangwa (Information), Mthuli Ncube (Finance), Cain Mathema (Home Affairs), Nqobizitha Mangaliso Ndlovu (Industry and Commerce) and Owen Ncube (State Security), as well as Attorney-General Prince Machaya, a Zimbabwe Law Society representative (not named) and a Zimbabwe Election Commission representative.

Various election observer groups last year produced damming reports on the July 30, 2018 polls, including military and traditional leaders’ interference in electoral processes.

Mnangagwa is under pressure from local and international human rights groups to rein in his soldiers and bring those implicated in the fatal shootings to account.

The Zanu PF leader has, of late, been pressured to engage the opposition to resolve the current economic crisis before he could receive financial bailout from international financiers.

Soon after landing from his recent week-long Eurasia tour, Mnangagwa pledged to “deal” with rogue soldiers causing unrest in the country.

Maimane yesterday said efforts to pressure South African President and Sadc chair Cyril Ramaphosa to intervene in the Zimbabwean crisis had not yielded results, hence the decision to refer Mnangagwa’s gross human rights abuses to the ICC and the UN.

“President Ramaphosa is mistaken to focus solely on the economic situation in Zimbabwe, while turning a blind eye to the dictator-like military clampdown on citizens, which has, to date, claimed the lives of at least 12 people,” he said.

“Despite concerted pressure from the DA, President Ramaphosa and his government have failed to show leadership and intervene in what has now become a humanitarian crisis. It is vital that stability is restored in Zimbabwe and in the Southern African Development Community region.”

The MDC last week compiled and submitted a dossier to the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission detailing gross human rights violations by the security forces during the crackdown.


  1. Why not just follow the procedures laid out in the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act instead of all these evasive commissions and task forces which will end up prosecuting no-one for anything?

  2. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

    `The truth is NewsDay workers and your mdca counterparts are feasting from the damage you are doing to this country. But let me remind you that God is not a fool. You can fool everyone on this earth but you can never fool the Creator. That idiot from South Africa must know that he is playing with fire. He is accusing our Government basing on lies he is receiving from mdca, but what did he do to the Boers in his country who have murdered blacks like chickens? What has he done to his fellow country men who burned other people alive with tyres? He is just a dreaming idiot who is just after making sure that Zimbabwe remains poor through his actions with mdca. But one day everything shall come to an end. This game of seeking relevance in the political arena seem to be good when you are benefiting from it to the expense of some blind people who shall one day realize that they were being used to further selfish individuals interests. Maimane never ever you put your satanic shadow in this country.

    1. Talk is cheap! I totally agree with you that one day everything shall come to an end and this game of seeking relevance in the political arena seems to be good when you are benefitting from it. But guess what? This aptly applies to none other than yourself who seeks to defend a rogue regime that is bent on killing its own citizens and instead of owning up to your atrocities, all you can do is blame MDCA. Shame on you and your Zanu goons, bloodsuckers!

    2. Zimbabwean weshuwa

      Six people were murdered and you are say God should punish those who want justice for those killing…
      Which God do you worship the real God or the Zanu PF godhi

  3. The task team is a latest installment of succesive own goals by this clueless regime, its a waste of resources and time, it is constituted with ED’s boys who will not prosecute their boss the whole world is alive to this fallacy.

  4. Masamba ndiwo mamwe

    This task team featuring “mudha” Ncube will work extra hard to defend the uniformed forces. Once again we are doomed by this government that wants to take the whole year investigating rogue soldiers and police but took only 4 days to arrest rogue demonstrating civilians and only a week to convict them. Thank you SKY NEWS and all for putting pressure on ED otherwise ne these headless bootlickers it would have been worse. right now their CIO operatives are busy tracking our IP addresses. Silly fools being used like puppets in a kids show

  5. Newsday yatadza chii . You don’t want people to know the truth. This time you are exposed and people will not change their mind especially to your IDI AMIN type of leaders.

  6. Even you Newsday guys are also buying the narrative that ED is under pressure. The MDC-A is destroying our beautiful country thinking they are putting pressure on the President, no. Even the illegal sanctions that the West says are targeted. Go to the President’s house and see if he lacks anything. It is the ordinary Zimbabwean who is feeling the effects of these sanctions, all in the name of effecting regime change.

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