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Cop, 2 accomplices sued for abducting villager


AN officer stationed at Nyamandlovu Police Station in Matabeleland North province and his two accomplices have been taken to court by a villager who is demanding $100 000 in damages for alleged abduction and false charges of stock theft against him.


Vivacious Bhebhe recently filed summons at the Bulawayo High Court, citing Kawulani Ngwenya, Mtshana Tshuma and a police constable only identified as Taku in court papers as defendants.

“The plaintiff’s claim is for payment of $100 000, being damages for contumelia, deprivation of liberty and discomfort suffered by the plaintiff, interest calculated at the prescribed rate from date of issue of summons to full payment, and costs of suit,” the summons read.

In his declaration, Bhebhe, who was employed at Murozvi Plot 14 in Nyamandlovu, said on November 2, 2018, he was beaten up and abducted by Ngwenya, Tshuma and some hired thugs who were armed with axes and knobkerries.

“… Plaintiff was taken to the police, where he thought he would be safe and would also make a report against the first and second defendants and their group,” he said.

Bhebhe said he was taken to Nyamandlovu Police Station, where Ngwenya and Tshuma allegedly wrongfully and maliciously laid a false charge that he had stolen their donkeys.

“Defendants had no reasonable or probable cause for laying the charge against the plaintiff nor did they have any reasonable belief in the truth of the information they gave to the police. The plaintiff reported to the third respondent (Taku) that he had been kidnapped and assaulted.

Third defendant did nothing about the plaintiff’s report, but instead took the side of the first and second defendants who alleged that he had stolen donkeys from them,” Bhebhe submitted.

He said the defendants then took him to his residence to search for the donkeys, where Taku assaulted him with open hands and clenched fists.

Bhebhe said he was taken back to the police station and was then released after a day in custody, with no charge.

He said he suffered injuries as a result of the assault and was treated at George Silundika Clinic.

He said Taku detained him without a charge or conducting investigations. The defendants are yet to respond to the summons.

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