Call for Livia nominees

THE LIVIA Foundation is calling for nominations of people using creativity as a means of conflict resolution, while inspiring hope and change.


The deadline for the Livia Awards (2019) has been set as February 15, while the awards ceremony would be held in Copenhagen on May 25 in collaboration with the Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution.

“The award is given to persons or groups, who strive to handle conflicts with courage, creativity and nonviolence. We honour people who will inspire and bring hope to others,” said the foundation in a statement.

“The Livia award recipient will be invited to Copenhagen to receive the award and participate in related events and Press activities.”

The foundation said a number of individuals or groups would be nominated and two-award recipients — one international and one from Denmark — would be selected.

The foundation further said nominations should be sent via e-mail to, containing brief information about the nominated person or organisation, as well as the contact information and a letter of motivation explaining why the person or organisation fulfils the criteria.

“By nominating a person or an organisation you contribute to demonstrating peaceful ways of dealing with conflicts in society. You help bring stories forward that bring inspiration and hope to others,” the organisers said, adding that they wanted to make life-affirming ideas and solutions known to a larger public by drawing attention to people working within the creative conflict resolution circles.
Potential award winners include people creating ways to transform conflicts into new possibilities using creativity and those involved in conflict work.

The Livia Foundation is a civic, non-political, non-religious and non-profit initiative that works towards promoting new ways of supporting creative, constructive and nonviolent conflict resolution.

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