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ACF boss released- demands investigations


AFRICAN Chrome Fields (ACF) boss and chairman of Moti Group, Zunaid Moto held in detention in Germany for over five months landed in South Africa, Sunday following his release.


Kwekwe based ACF is along the great dyke mining and exporting chrome fines with 1300 employees.

Moti was arrested last August when departing Munich Airport and was placed in provisional detention by German authorities acting on a Diffusion Notice first issued in Russian.

“We are delighted and relieved that Mr Moti is a free man again and that this disgraceful ordeal has finally come to an end,” said the Moti Group in a statement.

The Moti Group in Johannesburg is now demanding justice following what it says was the illegal detention of the South African businessman.

“The full exoneration of Moti makes the fact of his detention in Germany all the more unacceptable, and we expect a thorough investigation of how this failure of justice was perpetuated in country calling itself a first-world democracy,” the statement said.

Moti is expecting to take over his business operations as soon as possible.

“For now, Moti wishes to express his gratitude to his colleagues, staff and partners who have led his companies admirably in the last several months and he is now looking forward to returning to his business and philanthropic ventures,” Moti Group said in the statement.

Cherie Blair QC, Mr Moti’s legal representative in London has called for urgent reforms at Interpol.

“This is the latest worrying example in a growing list of instances where international law enforcement mechanisms have been suborned for political or personal vendettas. It must be an urgent priority for Interpol’s new Chairman, Mr Kim Jong Yang, to enshrine greater international co-operation to stop the persecution of private citizens through abuse of its infrastructure,” said the lawyer.

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