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Zanu PF celebrates terror leader return


ZANU PF last week threw a lavish party to welcome back its official after he was released from jail, having spent 14 years behind bars for killing an MDC activist in the run-up to the 2002 general elections.


There was pomp and fanfare at the home-coming party when Eddie Munjanja of Munjanja village under Chief Nhema in Zaka Central was released from Mutimurefu Prison, a development that has irked the MDC.

Munjanja was convicted of murder with actual intent after he killed MDC activist, Atinos Mapingure in cold blood, during the 2002 presidential election campaign. His accomplice, only identified as Makeme, is still serving his 45-year jail term.

At the time, Munjanja was commander at a Zanu PF campaign base where opposition activists were routinely taken in for torture and “political re-orientation”.
The village head Phillip Munjanja, who is Eddie’s younger brother, defended the move, saying there was nothing wrong with welcoming a brother who was wrongly convicted. He went on to thank Zanu PF for the pledges and donations.

“I don’t have any remorse, neither am I moved by any complaints from haters and the opposition, because I feel my brother was wrongly implicated in that murder case. We are not going to offer any compensation to the bereaved family,” Munjanja said.

“In fact, I would like to thank Zanu PF supporters for making the event successful, and making my brother feel welcomed.”

But Harrison Mudzuri, former MDC legislator for Zaka Central, said: “It is not only abominable for Zanu PF to throw a hero’s welcome party for a murderer. In fact, it’s immoral and amoral, to say the least, for right minded people to slaughter a beast on such an occasion.”

He added: “The move promotes political violence and does not have a deterrent effect. From the reports I have received, fear has already gripped the whole district.”

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights communications officer, Kumbirai Mafunda, said they urge people to conduct themselves in a way that would not offend the aggrieved parties.

MDC party spokesperson Jacob Mafume castigated Zanu PF for throwing a party for the convicted murderer, saying it shows the party had not reformed.

“Zanu PF never thought about how the victims are going to live with trauma of what he did to them before his incarceration,“ he said.

Zanu PF Masvingo provincial secretary for information and publicity, Ronald Nava, said he would call the party offices in Zaka to confirm if it was a party or private family event.

The deceased’s family could not be reached for comment at the time of going to Press.

Zaka has recorded some of the worst incidences of political violence in the province since 2000. MDC party members have been murdered, maimed or displaced.

At one point, MDC party activists were locked up in their party office and petrol bombed at Jerera Growth Point in the run-up to the June 27, 2008 presidential election run-off.

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  1. They may do as they please but these (political) murderers and their masters will never know peace to their graves.
    Live by the sword, die by the sword!

  2. We call prisons correctional services institutions. We encourage society to welcome those returning back to society. We see nothing amiss in the welcoming of this Camarada. Was St Paul not welcomed into the Holy Church to preach Jesus Christ message? He should be given the chance to preach ED pfee!pfeeeeeeee! The party and family are justified in welcoming him. Amen!

  3. So the bloody murderer has another chance to kill and spill more blood? When ZPF is described as a bloody party of vampires this is what it means. Vanwi veropa recafi – mhondi! Mharadzi.

  4. I live just a stone’s throw from Lunkton Makeme’s home area. These guys together with Chomujiki caused many people to suffer.

  5. Eddie Munjanja saved 14 year for the crime he committed, he must have reformed during that time. ZPCS encourages society to welcome back those who would have been incarcerated and in that spirit there is nothing out of this world about throwing a party. i believe the differences between the Munjanja and Mapingure families will be solved when tempers settle.

  6. Hey we are tired of these mdc claims. Whenever some one dies they jump to claim that he or she was a political victim killed by ZANU PF. Anyone who die during election campaign is a political victim even if died of cholera. If a family organise and celebrate for the returning of their relative what does that have to do with ZANU PF as a party? Desperation yenyu yawe kubhowa machinja. chero donkey rikafa nguva yema election muchati raurayiwa neZANU PF ngekuti ngere mdca. Even the world is going to turn their backs on you they are getting tired of your lies.

    • The main problem is the so called independent press fueling up negative sentiments in order to increase sails. They try to politicise every single incident for profit maximisation. Aiming to shape public opinion through their spiced stories. Its a shame to realise these unwarranted strategies.

    • Where is he coming from and for what, are you paid to type messages without reading what arguments or discussions are about? It is the sentencing judge that said he killed and not vanhu veMDC pedzezvo you contradict yourself saying should people not celebrate returning of a relative? Returning from where; kubva kuMDC here?

  7. That speaks of the true colour of the party and its hooligan followers. Jeri haripedzi ngozi. Izvi zvichatoitika chete. Shame! Celebrating the life of a murderer. So you see who killed innocent people on 1Aug 2018.

  8. The spirit of vengeance was waiting for his return from prison so that he could witness the anguish that his kith and kin are going to face. The beer that his people consumed celebrating his return from prison is soon going to turn into tears.

  9. for zanupf to have a party to celebrate a murderer show that zanupf have shed too much blood but all you did will come back to you nothing last forever watch and see what will happen to EDDIE MUNJANJA THE MURDERER killing your own brother and still you talk rubbish i wish to see your mother

  10. Let us emerge from our political cocoons and learn to reason objectively putting ourselves in the shoes of the families of the bereaved.
    Meanwhile, this is a ‘healing wound’ and the media should stop ‘reviving’ by phoning the family of the dead suffice to expose their inclination.
    Lets build bridges to heal the broken people. What unites us is greater than what divides us.

  11. paakazviita manga musipo isu takaona nemeso ndosaka tir ziii hamuziv chaita abude jere racho,nyararai.kana baba vako usat wafirwa nenzira iyi nyarara hako

  12. paakazviita manga musipo isu takaona nemeso ndosaka tir ziii hamuziv chaita abude jere racho,nyararai.kana zvako usat wafirwa nenzira iyi nyarara hako

  13. Aaah mazinhu ezanu pf imboko dzavanhu pakachaparara kaparty ikaka muchationa totsiva chete mhondi dzavanhu satan!!! kukambira nyika yaasingagoni kujaira kuuraya vanhu manje zvichapfuka

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